Thursday, July 7, 2022

Khama condemns Barolong donkey killings

President Ian Khama has condemned the recent brutal killings of five donkeys and a dog that were gunned down by a white farmer whose act is suspected to have been aggravated by racial overtones.

The President’s condemnation came at a kgotla meeting, held at Pitsane Village on Thursday, after residents complained to him about some white farmers around Barolong farms who killed and locked up their livestock if and when they entered their farms.

Khama told the villagers that action would be taken on a white farmer who allegedly killed the five donkeys and the dog.

He said the farmer should not have killed the animals and such action will never be allowed in the country.

The President said the farmers could have apprehended the donkey owner and handed him to the police rather than taking the law into his own hands.

Further, Khama revealed that he has a farm in Oodi Village and some of the villagers enter illegally, together with their livestock, but he does not lock-up their animals or shot them.

He appointed both the Member of Parliament for Barolong, Kitso Mokaila, and the minister of Agriculture, Christian de Graaf, to visit farm owners to discuss the matter and to urge them to live peacefully.

Khama said if the farmer abuses firearms, they should be taken away from him by the police but also warned the villagers not to cut down the farm fence.

The station commander of Lobatse Police station, Superintendent Cynthia Setilo, said the suspect will appear before the Lobatse magistrate court on the 30th of this month.

She said the suspect will be charged with three counts that include threat to kill, common assault and injuring animals.

When asked whether the fire arm was licensed, Setilo could only say, “It is too early to comment whether the suspect had a license or not.”

However, both the residents and the village elders said they are ready to reconcile with white farmers but they also hoped that farmers would reconcile with them as a community and leave peacefully.


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