Friday, June 21, 2024

Khama condemns BDP members for tarnishing the party on social media

President Ian Khama has raised his concerns over some Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) members who are writing tarnishing messages about the party on social media.

Giving a keynote address at the recent BDP Youth Wing Congress held in Masunga, the President said over the past months, there have been a rising trend by both the old and young BDP members to drag the party name into disrepute.

“I strongly believe the social media can be used more positively to promote the party and its candidates. I implore all those who have made it a habit to use social media negatively to desist from doing so. As we all know the party has social structures through which any grievance or query can be routed” he said.

He called for party members to utilize these structures optimally at all times and implored the members to desist from rebuking or tarnishing their fellow members and the party in public.

Touching on the BDP youth congress, the President said the event provides a perfect platform for the youth to deliberate issues pertinent to their role within the BDP and their consequent contribution to the growth of the country.

“I implore all of you to ensure that all your words are turned into action. Every resolution made at this gathering should thus, be a result of collective discussions and transferred into tangible deliverables for the advancement of both the party and this nation,” Khama said.

He also said the BDP Youth Wing should assess the party’s performance in the 2014 general elections and give feedback on that assessment and proposals to the party congress in July this year.┬á Khama further said that government is committed to addressing issues concerning the youth in Botswana, with a view to make them part and parcel of the country’s socio-economic processes or key contributors in this regard.

“The BDP led government is keen on ensuring that every aspect of the economy has a fair representation of Batswana Youth, whose ideas are incorporated into final decisions that we make. This is why we have over the years as government put in place various programmes or mechanisms aimed at supporting youth to enable them to play a meaningful role in this regard” he said.

On a different note, Khama said it is quite encouraging to note that during the past elections, throughout the 57 constituencies, there was an impressive number of youth keen to represent the party at both council and parliamentary levels.

He said over and above the endorsement of such candidates by the voters, the party leadership took a decision yet again to appoint nominated councillors to ensure an increase in youth representation at these levels. He said the BDP is making strides in the area of youth representation within the leadership pipeline.

Khama lauded the party members for their efforts and relentless drive to advance the party’s agenda to ensure that the youth find the opportunity to step up and be counted as representatives.

“Your encouragement, solidarity, support and blessings for their candidatures gave them the motivation and belief that indeed it was their time,” he said.

He encouraged the BDP Youth Wing to bear in mind the fact that elections are part and parcel of democracy.
He said the members should refrain from allowing the election process to divide them as a party. Khama said they should instead learn to accept election results and embrace them as the people’s voice, taking into consideration that in every election process, there are procedures in place that they all have to adhere to.

“Let this year’s BDP Youth Wing Congress be testimony to those inside and outside the party, that we accept the diversity that exists within us and that we will remain united despite our differences. Our diversity is what makes us stronger,” he said.


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