Saturday, March 25, 2023

Khama puts Facebook users under surveillance

MMADINARE- President Ian Khama plans to instruct the newly elected communications Sub-committee and Disciplinary Committee to monitor mainline and social media and take action against any in-disciplined member of the Botswana Democratic Party (BDP).

Khama was speaking at the just ended Botswana Democratic Party 36th national Congress held in Mmadinare. He urged members of the ruling BDP to refrain from being divided by the election process.

“Let us refrain from allowing the election process to divide us as a party. I therefore insist that you all lead in walking the path of unity, for t is only when we work together as a unit, that we can win more friends and supporters even from opposition ranks,” he said. Khama said if his party becomes intolerant and divisive it will lead to the loss of seats at elections as happened last year in some constituencies adding that it was key for members of the BDP to elect people who will embrace and promote unity and not divide the party.

“We want people who will follow the party agenda and not their own agendas, we want people who will put this party in good standing for the 2019 general elections and put this party’s interests before their own,” he said.

He said there are party members who are in the habit of commenting negatively about the party in the papers, on face book and on radio stations.

“This is a violation of party constitution and demonstrates indiscipline. Such people are irresponsible and undermine the party values. I shall be instructing the new communications Sub-committee and Disciplinary Committee to closely monitor mainline and social media and take action against such in-disciplined people,” he said.

He warned that “let me take this opportunity to tell you that there are some people and one of them is a Member of Parliament who is in the habit of attacking the party and the government. As a party we worked hard in ensuring that he becomes a Member of Parliament. Don’t be surprised if I take disciplinary action against such MP soon.”

Khama further warned that “I am informing you and I am warning you that if you are going to continue attacking the party and government we will take action.”

“We must not allow our numerous victories over 50 years make us complacent and take future victories for granted. We must work even harder and strive to be even more united than before,” he said.


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