Saturday, December 3, 2022

Khama should fire Seretse or risk becoming a hypocrite

“Just as he fired a Barata ÔÇôPhathi Cabinet minister because he was reportedly under investigation, President Ian Khama should practice what he preaches and fire his own Cousin Ramadeluka Seretse.”
The above statement was made by secretary general of Botswana Congress Party Youth League (BCPYL) Thato Osupile.

Osupile said just as the President was able to sack former Assistant Minister of Finance, Guma Moyo because he was under investigation by DCEC (Directorate on Corruption and Economic Crime) the President should apply the same rule to his cousin Minister, Ramadeluka Seretse.
Osupile said if no action is taken against Seretse, the public is likely to accuse the President of double standards and selective justice.

He said there are suspicions that Moyo was sacked because he belonged to a faction different from that of the President.

Recently the BCP reported Minister Seretse to both the Botswana Police and DCEC, accusing the minister of possible conflict of interest.

But Minister Seretse has since released a public statement dismissing accusations against himself.
He said in his statement that he is no longer a Director of RFT Botswana, a company that is said to have secured lucrative contracts with Botswana Police.

The Minister said the company is owned by his wife and a brother.
“Logically and in line with President Khama’s principles and normal way of procedure, one would expect President Khama to “fire” Minister Seretse from cabinet the same way as he “fired” another Minister a few years ago.


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