Sunday, June 23, 2024

Khama’s roadmap led to chaos ÔÇô leaked document

A leaked document from the Office of the President offers an insight into how President Ian Khama’s roadmap premised on five Ds meant to guide his administration failed.

The document also suggests that   the roadmap is “a piece of incomplete homework left for the next administration to work on” as it does not have starting and ending dates for each action.


Marked “Action sheet from his Excellency the President’s Road Map” the document shows that the government was working “out detailed modalities for the payment of the 13th cheque to best performers in the public service.”

The document further shows that Office of the President which was tasked with implementing this initiative reported that the “report menu ongoing but otherwise this is internal matter to government.”

Insiders at the government clave explained this week that while the initiative failed to take off, it was aimed at   boosting service delivery across the government sectors and prop up  one of Khama’s five Ds being Delivery which was introduced a year later after Botswana’s 10th general elections.

They said this remained a pipe dream because the 13th cheque was never introduced and this was not helped by Khama’s administration’s refusal to increase public service salaries for more than a decade.

Other Ds are Democracy, Discipline, Dignity and Development.

The document further shows that the Office of the President (Presidential Affairs and Public Administration) was also tasked with working out modalities for a possible guaranteed small loans scheme for junior officers in the Public Service. The matter which is yet to be implemented was referred to the Directorate of Public Service Management (DPSM) and Permanent Secretary to the President.

The Office of the President was to also consider the creation of public services unit to recruit expatriates and locals with scarce skills for secondment to government.

On discipline, according to the document, OP and the Ministry of Defence, Justice and Security were to work out modalities to enable Police to retain 50 percent of funds from fines for the improvement of services as well as working plan/programme for intensifying war on discipline. The Botswana Police Service and Botswana Defence Force were also expected to work on crime strategies and report to OP.

Touching on one of the controversial initiatives under the disguise of a instilling a sense of discipline the document shows that Khama instructed the Ministry of Finance and Development Planning to “come up with proposals for a higher tax on alcohol.”  The Ministry was also instructed to come up with proposals for increasing the road user charge component of the Petroleum levies for road maintenance.

The Ministry of Lands and Housing as it was then, was instructed to consider suspension of change of land use around Gaborone by Land boards and consider accelerated programme for providing Bachelor Units (High Density Accommodation). The Ministry was also advised to allocate land to the Ministry of Agriculture/Trade and Industry for onward subleasing to investors.

The Ministry of Labour and Home Affairs was advised to work in consultation with Ministry of Finance and Development Planning for arrangements for takeover of border posts by the latter. The Ministry was also to work on expansion of prison institutions to cater for kick starting ex convicts.

The Ministry of Youth Sports and Culture study and work out possible modalities for payment of appearance fees for sportsmen/women on national fees for sportsmen/women on national sport events, in addition to allowance for super league and top clubs in other codes.


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