Thursday, July 18, 2024

Kiddies Zumba to help children stay fit during festive season

A Zumba workout session is nothing but a dance fitness party. The Latin inspired cardio dance workout uses music and choreographed steps to formulate a stimulating fitness jam session.

Now there is a kiddies version of the Zumba fitness programme, and it rocks even more. They version features child-friendly routines that are based on original Zumba choreography. However, the steps are broken down and infused with games, activities and cultural exploration elements that make the whole routine very attractive for kids.

Jouerhall Aftercare and Kids Guest House on Friday morning kicked off the festive season with a Zumba session to get the little ones in shape before the holidays. Certified Zumba Instructor and Specialist in Kiddies Zumba, Hope Buyani hosted the amazing class, saying it’s very important to keep kids active during the festive season as they will be eating all kinds of sweeties.

“Zumba helps develop a healthy lifestyle and incorporate fitness as a natural part of our children’s lives. My classes incorporate key childhood development elements such as leadership, respect, team work, confidence, self esteem, memory, creativity, coordination, balance and cultural awareness,” said Buyani.

She added that her Zumba lessons are a sure fun way to teach children from as young as three years old how to interact with others and follow instructions.

“Every child is unique in how they respond and what kind of stimuli they respond to. Some respond to sound; others do better with visuals while some prefer a combination,” said Buyani.

She added that it is important to take into account children’s many different individual gifts and try to merge them to create a strong Zumba team.

“What I did with these little angels was to make them realise the superheroes within themselves. This is very important for the development of any child, it is indeed a great confidence booster for both the individual and the team,” she said.

Further, Zumba can also be taught to children at home to offer a more active alternative to television or video games.

“Naturally children love to dance; often what is needed is to ignite that energy in them and I don’t know a more fun and creative way than Zumba. Just leave them at liberty to make their own song choices,” said Buyani.

She further said a child’s concentration span is also increased as they engage in physical activity.

“Physical activity will increase children’s cognitive control or ability to pay attention and also result in better overall performance according to research. I say the earlier we start the better,” she said.

Founder of the guest house, Pearl Kgosiemang said she looks forward to continuing Zumba in addition to her existing health and fitness exercise program. She added that children often go through awkward stages where they become self conscious about the natural changes happening in their bodies. By encouraging them to move around in controlled motions, Zumba gives the children more coordination and allows them to be confident with their bodies.

“I wish to encourage parents to shake it up with their children. Besides it is something very exciting and fun to do as a family,” she concluded.


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