Friday, June 21, 2024

King Kaizer, Kgomela’s heads on BFA’s chopping block

Heads are rolling at the Botswana Football Association (BFA) as the new regime’s boss Mclean Letshwiti embarks on a restructuring mission. The exercise will witness a number of key personnel losing their jobs among them BFA Technical Director Benny Kgomela and BFA Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Kitso Kemoeng.

This follows a series of alleged misconduct labelled against Kemoeng for misleading the BFA and National Executive Committee (NEC). Close sources have revealed that Kemoeng’s marching orders are on the cards due to the new regime’s loss of confidence on him after the Orapa-held coaching license saga that is under investigation. 

“The regime has not been impressed with Kemoeng’s tactical approach to his mandate. It dates back to the Township Rollers saga of the CAS withdrawal case a month ago and the recent C licence coaching course,” said the source.

 The coaching course in Orapa is reported to have dug deep into the pockets of the football governing body despite information that nothing will come out of the BFA coffers. With the situation at hand, sources have revealed that the association has written a letter to Kemoeng to show course why disciplinary action should not be taken against him.

 “The association was misled that they would not use any funds during the two-week training course but it turned out that each coach received P1 500. This did not go down well with the superiors after they were told nothing would be spent from the BFA coffers but ended up paying the dues. Now the National Executive Committee together with the BFA are demanding answers as they were given wrong information with concern to the coaching course,” the source told Sunday Standard.

Kemoeng downplayed the matter and said he had not received any written letter with concern to disciplinary action against him. However, he has confirmed that the coaching course held in Orapa is under investigations. 

“At the moment I haven’t received any letter concerning disciplinary action set against me but there has been confusion with regards to the logistics behind the C license coaching course,” said Kemoeng.

He added: “The coaching course matter is under investigation and I can’t reveal anything that is under the scope of investigations at the moment.”

While Kemoeng faces the axe, it has also been said that with Kgomela’s contract coming to an end soon, nothing has been communicated and he will not be offered an extension. 
“Kgomela is facing the exit door for his consistent brawls with national team coach Peter Butler. The situation of BFA employees coaching junior teams have harmed progress at the BFA,” said the source.

BFA First Vice President Segolame Ramotlhwa told Sunday Standard that he was not in a position to share anything with the media. 
“‘Even if there was a letter leaked to the press I am not in a position to discuss confidential BFA matters,” said Ramotlhwa.



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