Monday, April 19, 2021

Knives drawn in fight for control of BULGSA

With only two weeks left before the Botswana Unified Local Government Service Association National Congress on December 4 in Masunga the wish lists are out.

Incumbent Secretary General, Motelebane Motelebane, is upping the stakes and campaigning for the Vice Presidency.

Under the BULGASA rules Motelebane cannot continue as Secretary General.

Cut Kekgonegile is vying for the presidency against incumbent Pelotshweu Baeng.

Ishmael William is trying his luck in the position of Publicity Secretary.

Speaking to The Sunday Standard on Wednesday, William confirmed his surprise move and revealed that he was already busy canvassing for votes.

He said his campaign posters had already been printed and were awaiting circulation.

Those in the know say that William had always had a soft spot for Baeng and had always felt the President’s ‘cabinet reshuffle’ was justified to some extent, even though it affected some of his bosom friends like outgoing Publicity Secretary Moshe Noge.

The Sunday Standard has reliable information that Baeng’s lobby group is well prepared for the elections and they have already fielded their candidates for key positions in the BULGSA executive.

Baeng will be seeking reelection as President, while Kgomotso Shongwe will be targeting the Secretary General position. Mochudi-based powerhouse Kabo Kote has been roped in to campaign for the Vice Presidency after Sam Kidisa decided to pull out of the race due to ill health. Other contenders in Baeng’s team include Mbako Masole (Deputy Secretary General), Obusitswe Pitlagano and Pushie Norweb (Additional Members). The Consultative Machinery will be manned by Johannes Senamolole and Augustine Kaisara.

Many feel that Kekgonegile is a novice in the association’s politics and he is way over his head in the competition for the Presidency against Baeng.

They say he is Motelebane’s right hand man.

“The position of Vice President is not very attractive for a power monger like Motelebane. But he has no option but to settle for the ceremonial position as his term to serve as Secretary General has elapsed,” said one BULGSA member.

Responding to this statement Motelebane said that he is only exercising his democratic right as a member of BULGSA who feels that he still has the capability to serve. The same applies to comrade Kekgonegile,” he said dispelling the rumors that he was using the latter as a pawn to facilitate his political ambitions.

The Secretary General has served in powerful positions inside BULGSA executive since 1996 with only a two year break in between.

Because of his forceful personality, Motelebane is said to be now threatening to become more powerful than the organization.

Motelebane, however, revealed that the issue of unionization would form the bulk of his presentation at the national congress and it was then that the BULGSA membership would judge him. He also said that people must realize that unionization was a process that had formidable hurdles which sometimes take a lot of time and resources to overcome.

But the Secretary General claimed ignorance of any conflicts between him and Baeng. He said that there had never been any effort to reconcile him and Baeng as they were working very well together for the benefit of BULGSA.


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