Monday, October 25, 2021

Kutlwano found guilty for fielding Chaba

Botswana Volleyball Federation (BVF) Games Organizing Committee (GOC) on Thursday found Kutlwano Ladies team guilty of using an ineligible player in an official Mascom Volleyball League game last month.

Dynamites Volleyball Club lodged a protest to BVF after losing 3-0 on the 21st of May in a week 3 encounter that was played at Lobatse Sports Complex. The team complained that Tracy Chaba was irregularly registered by the federation upon her return from Egyptian giants Zamalek where she spent a short stint with the club.

The complaint was tabled before a panel comprising coaches’ commission, referees commission, and Mr Ndibo Lebala presiding over the issue as the organizing committee chairman. Kutlwano was represented by ladies Coach Dopp Popo and team captain Daisy Golekanye while Dynamites was represented by Coach Joe-Brown Tlhaselo and captain Kesego Paul.

The Games Organizing Committee ruled out that Kutlwano must forfeit three straight sets (25-0, 25-0, 25-0) at the hands of Dynamites and were also fined P 500 after revisiting the BVF and FIVB play rules and regulations.

During the hearing, it was learnt that Chaba’s International Transfer Clearance (ITC) only arrived in the country on the 25th of May 2016 from FIVB. Kutlwano had initially failed to produce Chaba’s ITC when requested to do so by Dynamites officials on match day.

In his ruling Lebala said there was no how Chaba could have made her first appearance in the league following her arrival in the country a week before the contested game. He said it was impossible for a player to play for two different teams in two different countries as the international transfer process takes time.

He further stated that the fact that they had requested Kutlwano to write them a letter to inform them on their intentions to use the player was to start the transfer process and was not a go ahead for the club to use Chaba immediately.

Kutlwano contested the ruling arguing that they were not aware of the players’ status and they thought she was a free agent as it was not the first time dealing with exporting and importing of players.  Kutlwano said they were of the view that they had followed the right procedure; their statement however was dismissed by the Games Organizing Committee chairman.

“They could have waited for BVF to process the transfer by writing a letter to Egyptian federation notifying them about the player’s desire to move to another team in Botswana then FIVB authorizes not us,” the panel ruled.

Chairman of the GOC, Lebala said, “It is clear that Kutlwano did not follow the right procedures when registering Chaba.” 

Though Kutlwano have an option to appeal the ruling, the result means ‘Big House,’ as the team is affectionately known, will have to forfeit the three sets they won to Dynamites. Kutlwano has also been fined P500 for their violation of Play Rules. 


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