Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Kwelagobe misses another Khama rally

Unpredictable Botswana Democratic Party chairman, Daniel Kwelagobe, on Friday preferred to miss his party’s women’s wing star rally, addressed by President Khama and several cadres of the party’s women wing, to attend a marriage ceremony.

This has sparked uncertainties over his allegiance to the party in the wake of a splinter party, which is suspected to have attracted a considerable number of BDP followers.

One of the renowned founders of the BDP, Kwelagobe, associated with the core members of BMD, did not attend a similar recent BDP meeting at Francistown, leaving the party’s general membership and the public guessing.

“I consider my absence as a non-issue because I usually attend other party meetings. Do you ever question my attendance when I am present?” Kwelagobe said when asked by the Sunday Standard as to why he had missed another BDP rally.

“Go ask Kwerepe, the Secretary General; he will give an answer as to why I did not attend,” he added.

Although the master of the ceremony publicly assured the audience that Kwelagobe would in no time avail himself before the start of the meeting, the BDP Public Relations Manager, Segaetsho Garekwe, contradicted the statement.

In an interview after the meeting, Garekwe said that Kwelagobe did not attend because he was held up at a marriage ceremony.

“Did you not hear during the proceedings that he is held up with other personal commitments, attending a marriage ceremony?” was all Garekwe would say, although the meeting was conducted on a Friday ÔÇô a rare marriage day.

At the rally, Khama took a swipe at the BDP dissidents, labeling them position seekers who would go angry whenever they are not elevated to ministerial posts.

“They (BMD) want to see this country collapse into moral decadence and we, the true democrats, should guard against their ugly overtures. You shouldn’t go far away to verify my statements as even the party’s abbreviation explicitly suggests ‘Barata Maemo Disease’,” he said. “We should not be worried about position seekers but instead we should be ululating that, at last, it is good riddance – a real blessing in disguise, where our government will now be able to operate for the betterment of our people, without hindrance,” he added.

While his detractors argue that he is unreceptive to divergent views and rules through directives, Khama swears the opposite and says this could be proved by his ministers.

“I do not know where they get all this because they are not there when I am in discussion with my ministers. They are the ones to be blamed for they refused to compromise when I suggested that there be combination of factional members in the central committee and put aside the elective congress,” he told the gathering.


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