Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Kwelagobe warns BDP members to avoid hunger for power

The Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) Chairman, Daniel Kwelagobe, has pleaded with fellow democrats to desist from being power hungry and advised that they should focus on building the party to reinforce it ahead of the 2014 elections.

Speaking to hordes of BDP members who thronged the Tonota North Constituency BDP Victory Celebrations over the weekend in Nshakazhogwe Village, he said that there is need by some party members to avoid fighting for party positions, as this would only be destructive to the party.

“BDP will never grow or survive if members do not work hard to build the party. I plead with members to try and preach the manifesto of BDP to people out there in the villages, farms and cattle posts to nourish the party,” he said.

Kwelagobe encouraged the members to explain the policies of the party to people so that they can understand the party better. He said that it is disappointing to note that some people within the BDP are only in the party because they are opportunists who are eyeing some positions. The BDP Chairman then took a swipe at the opposition parties saying that there is a tendency by some of the opposition politicians to blame the ruling BDP for mismanaging the country’s wealth, which he rubbished as a lie. He said that it is evident that Batswana continue to enjoy the wealth of their country as the government has introduced programmes that are benefiting Batswana.

“The BDP is always bashed by the opposition parties for mismanaging the country’s wealth but I will continue to refute that as a lie,” he said.

He said that under its reign in power, the BDP has managed to come up with poverty eradication programmes benefiting all Batswana. He said that programmes, like ISPAAD (Integrated Support Programme for Arable Agricultural Development) and benefits, such as free education and free medical services in hospitals and clinics, are a clear indication that the government caters for the underprivileged and cares about its people.

“I then fail to understand why some politicians say that Botswana’s wealth is only enjoyed by a few,” he said. The Tonota North Constituency Victory Celebration, attracted different BDP politicians from Tonota North Constituency and other constituencies. Several other BDP dignitaries also graced the event.


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