Thursday, July 18, 2024

Kweneng Football region calls emergency meeting over death of football fans

On Monday evening, the Kweneng Reginal Football Association (KRFA) held an urgent meeting to discuss issues surrounding the tragic event in which two football fans were killed during a football match over the weekend.

In addressing team officials in a packed meeting, the chairman of KRFA, Tebogo Lenao, confirmed the incident and said that “bagaetsho it is true that we have lost two fans and one sustained injuries on his arm”.

Lenao said soon after he was informed about the incident, he contacted the Botswana Football Association (BFA) president David Fani and briefed him on the incident and informed him that the region will submit a detailed report on what exactly happened during the match.

He told the audience that on Sunday he visited the families of the deceased persons and that of the injured, however, he could not find him as he was not home. During his address, the chairman asked those who attended the football match on the fateful day to brief the house on what happened.

The chairman warned the officials that they should always ensure that there is enough security during games to avoid such incidents recurring.

Contacted for comment, David Fani told The Telegraph said that he was informed about the incident by the Kweneng region on Sunday.

However, he could not say much regarding the incident in the absence of a detailed official report from the concerned parties.

“They did not exactly say when they will submit the report to BFA but I am of the view that as soon as it is ready, they will avail it,” Fani said.


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