Thursday, February 29, 2024

Laced Shoe spa promises to outrun laggards

Laced Shoe Spa located in Main Mall is a boutique sneaker cleaning and shoe-care service providing sneaker cleaning and maintenance services for all footwear brands and materials.

Laced Shoe Spa is the brainchild of sneaker fan Theo Moseki. 

The shoe spa is an aesthetically pleasing store which retails sneakers from various international brands and also provides after care services such as cleaning, polishing, dyeing etc. for all types of sneakers. 

The concept is a fairly simple one – a sneaker owner drops off their shoes at the store, or books a pickup via the company’s social media pages. Prices start from P60.00, turnaround time is 3-4 days and the shoes are returned a few shades brighter, smelling distinctly fresher. 

At a time when sneakers are growing increasingly pricey where even a pair of standard running shoes costs more than P1000, it seems like a good idea to help footwear last a bit longer and look a bit newer. Botswana currently has a growing sneaker culture and not long ago cleaning your shoes professionally wasn’t something exciting or necessary. 

Laced has changed this by launching a sneaker cleaning brand that is local, trendy and accessible, with an in-store experience that feels less like a traditional dry cleaner and more like an actual sneaker store crossed with a vibrant ‘hood ice cream shop. The signature yellow is inviting and the checkered floors are quirky and funky.  

Laced is a 100% citizen owned footwear brand that was inspired by the owner’s love for sneakers and passion for art. His vision is to build a brand which focuses on designing, manufacturing, retailing, cleaning, customizing and repairing footwear, something which has never been done before.

The brand’s plan is to also introduce their very own limited sneaker collection which includes both performance and lifestyle sneakers for sports and fashion enthusiasts. Laced will be the first brand to create an originally designed footwear range which represents local sports and art culture which can also compete with international brands locally and internationally. 

For Laced, sneakers are more of a culture than just a product which is why the aim is to collaborate with local stakeholders who will help support and embrace sneaker culture such as local sports associations, local icons & lifestyle events to create a platform for individuals who would like to realize their dreams. 

“As we may have noticed, there is a rise in small sneaker cleaning businesses around Gaborone which clearly indicates that the sneaker business is growing. We need all the support we can get from local stakeholders to help us grow our brand and get it into local stores and market it to a larger audience which will ultimately enable us to produce quality products which can compete internationally,” says owner Theo Moseki. 


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