Sunday, May 26, 2024

Ladies want to up their game of football

The National Women’s Football Committee (NWFC) is on a drive to increase women football in all Botswana Football Association (BFA) regions. 

The committee met in Francistown over the weekend to introspect and come up with a resolution geared towards increasing women participation in football. Women football though it is lacking behind and lacking recognition, the committee believes there is a potential for growth and recognition. 

NWFC want to also increase women football teams in the regions where there are leagues and competition. The weekend meeting was also attended by Botswana Football Association National Executive Committee (BFA NEC) women representative, Lobito Ncube. She pledged her support for the committee and was eager to walk the talk to achieve their mandate of developing women football further. 

“Women football needs to be grown and nurtured because there is a lot of talent in Botswana. NWFC and BFA have to work together to pave conducive way for girl child to participate in football without any hindrance. Participation of women must be accelerated and that can only happen if resources are availed,” said Ncube. 

She encouraged the NWFC to be proactive and add value for the development of the game. The ambitious Ncube wants to see women football have desk officers across BFA regions to facilitate smooth operations of women activities. 

Ncube is disappointed that only six regions of the seventeen BFA region were active. “We must have girls participating across all regions. There must have mini leagues among villages so that girls can be active. There is also need to adopt schools but that should not disturb the academic path and social livelihoods of girls,” explained Ncube. 

During her tenure as BFA NEC member Ncube will be focused on advocating for more resources for women and fair treatment like men. “Women recently did well in the COSAFA tournament where they finished as runner’s up. It shows that if properly nurtured they can have very competitive leagues, and attract international attention from better organised leagues,” she said. 


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