Friday, July 1, 2022

Latest fashion trends…

Being up to date with current trends is a must do for anybody interested in the joy of life because when something good is trending there is always some positive energy around it that can be enjoyed by anybody who takes part in the trend. Fashion trends are no exception to causing a steer and bringing along with them a positive energy which leaves people feeling good about themselves. Every season has new trends but sometimes trends get passed on from one season to another hence it is not always necessary to buy an entire new wardrobe to keep up with the current trends.

The bright colourful blazer is one of the trendy fashion items this season. Blazers are normally worn in chilly seasons but when it is colourful and bright, it can also be worn in summer, provided the weather is not too hot. These blazers can comfortably take on the formal and casual look, you can easily throw it over a casual look and it will not ruin the look because of its bright playful colour. It can also be thrown over a strictly formal look, adding some life and character to the look with its brightness. There are no restrictions to the length of the blazer as it can be waist long or of hip length and still play its part very well.

The bright printed dresses and skirts are also currently trending and it is a trend that is continuing from last season, so if you had bought this item last spring or summer you can still wear it with confidence this season as it is still in. The prints can be flowers, fruits or any other bright pattern and this item leaves one looking fresh, young and happy to be alive.

Colour blocking is also one of the trends that have comfortably moved from the previous season to the current. This trend is a true expression of the designer and individual’s artistic nature because it is not everybody who can get it right; it can go wrong if the colours are not put together by a person who knows how. But when done right it will take a person up the ranks of fashion, it is truly a work of art.

There are pieces that are bought off the shelves completely colour blocked and these make it easy for anyone, even those without an artistic ability to get the art right.

But the artistic fashion heads would go out and collect individual pieces with contrasting bright colours and they always get the look right. Another trend that is currently making summer even hotter is the coloured jeans trend; this is an individual piece that can be used successfully in colour blocking as the jeans come in colours such as red, yellow, pink, bright blues and other bright and happy colours. The jeans look perfect when they are skinny and stretchy, as compared to normal fitting or baggy, and it is very interesting to find that some males have a deep enough fashion sense to wear these and still look hot and masculine.

The floral jean trend has also made its mark, and perfectly so. It can also be an item used in the art of colour blocking but it can also give a lot of life and joy to your look when used as the only item with colour in your outfit.

The maxi dress; long dress with prints is also one trend that has successfully passed in from the previous season. This trend accommodates people of different fashion tastes, you can find one with bright prints for those people who love going bright and you can also find one in toned down colours for those people who are not fans of bright colours. Neon colours are also a must have this summer, any piece of design will do as long as it is in a neon colour.

The sheer shirts and tops will add a playful character to your look with their see through nature; they are also very helpful in this extremely hot weather as they allow for air to circulate more easily, they are a definite must have this summer.

My personal favourite trend is one that will never stop trending, and that is the vintage look so start searching your mother, aunts and grandmother’s dusty and put away suitcases and join in the trend, with this you will always be on top of your fashion game because it will always trend from season to season.

Summer is a very happy season so quickly grab yourself the bright colours, neon and prints and join the happiness before the cold and dry winter comes to steal the fun away. These trends are found in stores all over the country so accessibility is quite easy, but getting a local designer to design for you enables you to have artistic and personal touches on the pieces hence making them more enjoyable.


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