Monday, January 25, 2021

Lawyer rubbishes witness testimony as contradictory

Francistown Lawyer, Moabi Madandume, on Monday dismissed a state witness’ testimony as contradictory and called for it to be dismissed. Appearing on behalf of Kemmonye Oduetse at the Francistown High Court, Madandume said that the evidence that was presented by one of the state witnesses in court was contradictory to what he had written in his initial statement.

Oduetse is currently accused of murdering his friend Kabelo Bahumisang after a drinking spree in Boseja Ward in Maun.

The state witness told the court that he was in the company of the deceased, the accused and one Kabo Bahumisang after a long night of drinking. On the way home, they saw two women, and Kabo started to pull one of them without her consent. The accused started to intervene to stop Kabo and a fight broke out between the two. The witness stated that the deceased then joined the fight in an attempt to save his twin brother.

The witness further said he ran off to seek help, and that is when he heard the deceased screaming that he had been stabbed.

When he arrived back on the scene, Oduetse was lying down with blood gushing from his chest.

However, Madandume pointed out that there are contradictory elements in the statement. He indicated that the witness had earlier told the police that he saw the accused taking out a knife and stabbing the deceased. He also said that the witness had earlier claimed that blood was gushing from a neck wound, and had now changed his initial statement and saying that the deceased was bleeding from the chest.


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