Monday, July 15, 2024

Lawyer the DCEC caught with a stash of bribe money still to be prosecuted

A Whistleblower Soccer Moruakgomo whose report led to the arrest of a Palapye based lawyer who is currently facing corruption charges relating to the allocation of land has said that his decision has come back to haunt him.

Ngwato Land Board has terminated its contract with the attorney as its legal advisor following corruption allegations leveled against the law firm.

Speaking to this publication, a visibly frustrated Moruakgomo said his decision to blow the whistle has now become a nightmare as his “noble patriotism has failed him dismally.”

He explained that in 2011 he applied for a piece of land near Moiyabana village in the central district and the Ngwato Land Board authorities sent him from pillar to post.

Moruakgomo said he sought help from various people but that did not help. He said sometime last year he met the Ngwato land board legal advisor who solicited a bribe from him amounting to P300 0000  in order for him to be allocated a  piece of land.

“That shocked me and I told him that I would get back to him shortly,” said Moruakgomo.

He claimed that the lawyer told him that the proposed amount of money would be shared with other two board members who were later cleared of corrupt practices by DCEC.

According to Moruakgomo, the lawyer promised him that once he gave him the agreed amount, he would influence the board to allocate him the piece of land that he had long applied for.

He said he digested what he had discussed with the legal advisor and sought advice from his close friends that he trusted.

Moruakgomo said he then decided to report the matter to the Directorate on Corruption and Economic Crime (DCEC). He stated that DCEC arranged half of the amount that was required by the then legal advisor to Ngwato Land Board.

“All arrangements were made and I called the lawyer to come and collect his dues while the DCEC agents were monitoring our movements,” said Moruakgomo.

He further stated that he gave the lawyer about P150 000 cash and promised to bring the balance after the land allocation had been finalized.

Later the suspects were arrested by the DCEC in Serowe village with alleged cash in his vehicle.

Moruakgomo indicated that he fails to understand why the case has not yet been prosecuted because it was a straight forward case.

“Ngwato land board has not even allocated me that land yet even though I have exposed corruption at the land board,” he said.

DCEC spokesperson Phakamile Kraai has confirmed that docket has been forward to DPP for possible prosecution. Ngwato land board issued a public notice sometime last year that they have terminated legal service with the attorney who was their legal advisor. 


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