Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Leaders have to be Respected and Not Worshipped: See No Evil, Hear No Evil? 

One academic Professor of Sociology, a dear brother once said to me. “You see Thabo; I do at times follow your opinion pieces on the Sunday Standard news paper.  There are times where I agree with you and there are also times where I hold a contrary view”. This was at the hype of the State vs. King Kgafela Kgafela II Saga.

“There is something that you are missing Thabo, you are not just getting it and you only wish a miracle could happen, it will never. Some of you and your tribesmen should not be fooled as there is absolutely no way that President Ian Khama will ever pardon Kgosi Kgolo Kgafela, not under his Presidency.” Many of us also wish the same could happen, but not under Khama.

Clinical Psychologists who may have observed the behaviour of President Ian Khama from a distance can attest to this.

The Professor said, the man is just a soldier and soldiers respect and obey orders and having been spoiled with a Brigadier position from a young age, what do you expect? Just what do you expect, you end up being a brat thinking everyone has to polish your shoes.

The thing about President Ian Khama is that he conducts himself not as a normal human being.

All human beings make mistakes.

I have always maintained that nothing much has changed in dealing with the Bakgatla ba Kgafela issue and Kgosi Kgolo Kgafela II.

President Ian Khama was not honest and sincere.

He was determined to prove a point.

He failed to rise above pettiness.

So determined was Khama that his administration even went to the extent of developing trumped up charges against Kgosi Kgolo Kgafela Kgafela II.

President Khama was so determined to ridicule Kgosi Kgolo Kgafela and behaved like a high school bully wanting to prove a point that he had more muscle and power.  The Bakgatla Vs State impasse could have long been resolved if it was in the best interest of President Ian Khama.

Khama has never really been interested in seeing an end to this problem. But his is now psychological.

But when I get to think about 2019, I see it as very far and only wish that one day when I, close my eyes to sleep and wake up the next day, we are already in 2019. But then others would argue that I live in a world of fantasy.

They argue that not much will happen in 2019. They state that had there been no arrogance and clash of egos, displayed by the different opposition political parties we could be talking about something else.  The year 2014 was a God-given year where BDP e ne e butse go bula, and the opposition failed to take advantage of such golden opportunity.

President Ian Khama was equally hurt by the 2014 election outcome for his party’s dismal performance that brought down the ‘Lepako Magic”.

Going forward, if the opposition wants to take itself seriously, they need just one thing only one thing – divine intervention. They need to pray and ask God to help them cooperate with one another. The nation is with them in prayers. While the BDP will continue to spend dirty money as a way to attract politicians.


For now they could be enjoying, treated and held in high esteem wined and dined in 13 storey buildings.  The honey moon will come to an end. They could be enjoying eating frog legs, prawns and exposed to good wine.

Such are the new BDP recruits who when BDP has political rallies even go an extra mile by giving them gift vouchers to go buy new tight black skinny jeans and red shirts.  

So can the opposition really concern itself with BDP and its numero uno?  BDP is no longer a threat to the opposition at all; it is a collapsing movement. The biggest threat to the opposition is the opposition itself and they must seek Mighty God’s love and intervention.  President Ian Khama has killed BDP  hence some of its senior members hold secretive bush braais meetings planning and plotting on how they can bring some of their own down, thinking that Big Brother will not know. BDP has just become a dirty movement infested  with a bunch of gossipers. Khama has not only collapsed BDP, his foot prints in collapsing the country are also visible.

But what the opposition must know is that going forward BDP will be alert and will do everything under the sun to try and stay in power and one of the things that the opposition can use in their favour is to fuel the already existing hatred prevalent in BDP, mainly on account that BDP members are just a bunch of petty gossipers that badmouth each so much – young and old. 

One thing that I really applaud Ian Khama for is that, he has mastered the art of treating his BDP colleagues like trash throwing bones at them as and when it pleases him. That strategy has really worked for him and he can freely address them with pet names and they will just laugh.

The opposition must start now by preparing and readying themselves for assuming political office in 2019. They must start taking counselling sessions for mind preparedness and shock therapy. They must learn from the ANC in its recent local government elections that even Goliath can be tamed for BDP is in not in good shape and its followers are in denial and if it goes to 2019 in this state, there will be more disaster and worse is attracting a bunch of hooligans who can even throw insults in front of Khama.

I recently got a call from a dear brother and home boy declaring his interest to stand for political office in the 2019 elections and just before I could even ask him a question, he said “I will be standing under the BDP ticket, Thibros,” as he likes calling me.

I said to him, if you feel you are ready broer go for it and sarcastically passed a comment you not to give her another chance to run unchallenged even at the primaries.

“Time is now for new minds with new ideas,” and he hung up.

But make no mistake, dear reader, BDP can pull surprises.

It is only that the weakest link for a very long time has been President Ian Khama and if he goes and we see no other Khama is imposed on them, surely ba ka ja sengwe. President Ian Khama should have never joined politics; he should have just started and formed a foundation where he would do philanthropic work.


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