Thursday, March 4, 2021

Ledumang among Gaborone’s top drug sites

Detective Sergeant Baleofi Disho has said that Ledumang, a residential area in Broadhurst, Gaborone, is one of those most infested with drug abusers.

Presenting on a topic, ‘drugs and substance abuse’ during a parents/teachers positive parenting workshop the past weekend, Sergeant Disho said he was surprised by the fact that parents, whom he suspected knew the drug lords and their associates did not report these law breakers.

“We are always making arrests from various places. This school is also one of those that had some of the students found in possession of drugs, especially dagga. Why don’t you people report or are some of you suppliers also? Can you not see that your children’s future is jeopardised by these unscrupulous dealers? ” he asked.

He further cautioned parents that while they love their children enough to sponsor their trips at whatever costs, they should always confirm it with school authorities whether or not there is to be a trip.

“Otherwise sometimes you give them money thinking they are going on a trip. They group up, buy alcohol and drugs, book a kombi and go partying. They have sex on their way under the influence of these. You can imagine what the consequences of such actions can be,” said Disho, over murmurs of the fully packed dining hall participants.

He said somewhere in the country someone’s field was found to be filled with crops like sorghum, maize, millets and sunflower but in the middle of the field dagga plants stood green and well tendered.

In yet another field, some hectors had food crops while deeper into the same field some 200 trees of dagga were found.

“Do you mean that the neighbours of such farmers did not know these things?” he asked.

Commenting on his presentation, parents agreed that indeed, drugs were a problem in their area.

“I stand to confirm that indeed drug abuse exists in this area,” one parent confirmed. “My daughter told me that there is a combi that parks at the corner of the school every Friday after school. Students from here, together with those from Ledumang Senior board it. There also is a group of students who gather themselves there around the corner to smoke.”

One after another, parents expressed their observation on the severity of the issue and its daily occurrence through various tricks applied by both consumers and suppliers of the illicit drugs.
There are those who failed in the past year but are always seen hanging around with students, carrying suspicious ruck sacks. They make students access their stuff in a secretive, suspicious manner.

The workshop resolved that parents, teachers and law-enforcing agents should team up together against the problem of substance abuse. One of the parents even volunteered to help police tackle the skilful hiding of the drugs through Botswana borders since many hard drugs are tactfully imported.


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