Thursday, July 18, 2024

Ledumang teacher sacked

The Permanent Secretary (PS) to the Ministry of Education and Skills Development, Grace Muzila, is expected to make a pronouncement whether the suspended Ledumang Senior Secondary School headmaster, Peter Moalosi, who was suspended sometime is fit for office.

On the other hand, the senior teacher, Tumelo Banda, who was also suspended from duty together with the headmaster has been dismissed from the teaching profession.

The South East Region Director, Benson Rauwe, confirmed that, “it is now a closed chapter, the ministry has finally fired a senior teacher at Ledumang Senior Secondary from the teaching profession.”

Rauwe stated that his dismissal came after the teacher was alleged to be involved in love relationships with students. The Ministry of Education and Skills Development then instituted an investigation.

He explained that due process was followed and the report was sent to the ministry which came to a decision to dismiss the teacher.

As for the headmaster, Rauwe indicated that the investigation team had submitted some recommendation to the PS who will make a pronouncement.

“It will be very unprofessional to make such a pronouncement before my superior, therefore I am not in a position to pre-empt the outcome of the recommendations,” he said.

Rauwe said the ministry is adamant to take serious actions against teachers who happen to be in love relationships with students in one way or the other.

“Students are there to learn not to be involved in such acts,” he said.

He appealed to parents to be actively involved in their children’s education and also participate in Parent Teachers Association (PTA.)

 MoE spokesperson Silas Sehularo also confirmed that the pronouncement will be made but was not in a position to say when.

“I am not yet sure what will happen to the headmaster whether he will be fired or demoted but action will be taken.”┬á


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