Monday, February 26, 2024

Lekidi ‘purge’ continues

At at least two more employees expected to leave the Botswana Football Association next month, according to sources at Lekidi who say that Technical Officer Philemon Makhwengwe and long serving referees’ manager Dintwe Dintwe are next on their way out.

The two have reportedly handed in their resignation letters this week and are currently serving notice at the troubled organisation, the sources say.

A rift is said to have developed between Makhwengwe and BFA following some recent allegations reported about him.

“What we know is that the association was plotting to suspend Makhwengwe. He, however, got wind of his impending fate and opted to part ways with the football governing body. It was long coming after several scandals that witnessed his suspensions in the past,” a source said.

Among the charges the BFA is said to have intended to press against him is his dealings with the media. It is alleged that the BFA intended to drag Makhwengwe before the Disciplinary Committee to explain why the BFA should not charge him over the matter.

Barred from speaking to the media, the Makhwengwe is said to have found a way around the gag, hiring a manager, Motsamai Mabuo, “to deal with the press with concerns to his professional career”.

On the other hand, Dintwe’s exit is subject to controversies surrounding his office with concerns to match officials. The referees’ office was surrounded by scandals in the first league fixtures when some match officials boycotted league games and were later suspended pending investigations. Match officials had cited the boycotts to non-payments from last season.

 ‘’Dintwe has always been working under a frustrating environment; it is tough to manage unpaid referees and expect them to perform up to standard,” a source told Sunday Standard.

The news of the duo’s impending departures were confirmed by the BFA Acting CEO, Susan Lawrence.

“In every institution there is a time to part ways. As much as there are policies that govern organisations, the BFA also follows its policies hence the resignation of Dintwe,” said Lawrence.

She, however, said that Dintwe would not be lost to the game as he possesses vast experience that would be needed in future. ‘’I believe in some way we will continue engaging his experience,” she said.

“I cannot comment much about Makhwengwe as I understand there are issues that cannot be discussed with the press, but he is serving notice,” explained Lawrence.

“Makhwengwe has over the years done a wonderful job for the local football fraternity but he felt he could not do more at the BFA. He tried his best but he feels his contribution is meaningless, hence the decision to quit,” Mabuo explained.

“He had a vision to take the association to greater heights but it was challenging for him as he was once suspended for speaking to the press and this was not easy as he wanted to share his thoughts with the football fraternity,” he explained.


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