Monday, July 4, 2022

Lekolwane debuts on Mzanzi magic with local Tele-Novella

Boy meets girl. Boy asks girl on a date. The girl agrees and they go on to get married, move to the suburbs into a cozy house with a white picket fence. They have three beautiful children and a dog and live happily ever after as they ride off in to the sunset.
Wouldn’t that be a plot for the perfect love story?

Not in this lifetime, for there are usually twists, turns, surprises, hurdles, challenges, drama and a whole lot of shocks along the way. And there is no guarantee of a happily ever after. Most actually end with a bittersweet tale of regrets, tears and ‘what could have beens.’

What better way to tell these stories than through a spanking new melodramatic Setswana Tele-novella brought to you by local television producer Afentse Fenny Lekolwane.

The original working title was ironically ‘Perfect love’ but later changed to ‘Pelo e ja Serati’, a Setswana title which has proven to go down better with the target audience, says Lekolwane. Besides, Multichoice’s Mzanzi Magic prefer African titles.

The story revolves around the two lead actors portrayed by Sydney Mogagane (Kgosi) and Valentine Phelefu (Sesha) who will be making her on-screen debut. Kgosi and Sesha meet and fall in love.

What Kgosi does not know is that Sesha works as a prostitute. When she tries to explain to him, he does not believe her until he randomly catches her in action.

Kgosi tries very hard to make Sesha change her ways, but all proves in vain.

The series continues as a tug of war. In one incident Sesha accidentally sends Kgosi a message intended for her clients indicating that there will be a holiday special and she will be slashing prices.

The turning point is when Kgosi and Sesha get intimate. The condom breaks. He panics.

As it is a love story, the premiere will be in Gaborone strategically this Friday (Valentine’s Day). The series will be aired in entirely in two local languages, Setswana and Kalanga with English sub titles.

Lekolwane is no stranger to television production and has been on the scene for a while and claims to be enjoying a bit of monopoly since very few Batswana are keen on starting a career in the television.

She has had over 20 productions aired on the Mzanzi Africa Channel and recently brought many Batswana to tears with her comedy production, “Beauty” which was aired on Botswana Television.

One thing she does not particularly like, Lekolwane says, is that Botswana television tenders for new productions every four to five years, which in her professional opinion is not good enough.
“You cannot sit on talent for that long,” she says.

The local audience, she says, however does not appreciate drama, prefering comedy above all genres.

This has proved to be a challenge when producing for the entire continent as most viewers seem to prefer a more solid dramatic theme.

(The drama is available at the nearest Choppies or Payless supermarkets).


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