Thursday, July 7, 2022

Leopard print returns to catwalks and wardrobes

“God created a woman for men to hunt her,” famous French actress, Brigitte Bardot, once said.

Some fashion designers link these words to the popularity of the leopard print, a trend that shows women’s desire to slacken their feministic principles and “live at least one season”.

Lifestyles influence what each season’s new fashion trends are. The leopard print is trending again. It keeps coming back onto the catwalk and into the wardrobes.

Leopard prints do not claim to be called the most advanced trend, but they always pop up when women need to raise the degree of their charm and sexuality, says a local fashion designer.

In their Fall-Winter 2012-2013 collections, fashion designers have favoured this print. Other designers say these predatory prints can be worn with tight black pants or leggings, with a wide black belt to accentuate the waist.

Bags, shoes, scarves and other accessories with leopard prints are a sensible purchase. This animal print is even coating accessories like sunglasses and ear rings.

The leopard print is a sensual one. Some women associate it with the masculinity of the animal itself. It boosts their self esteem when they wrap themselves in the skin. The leopard is also considered a ‘sacred’ animal in that it chooses unpopulated areas to inhabit, making it one of the rarer animals to run into.

In African culture, the leopard is symbolised and linked with royal blood. It is why you see chiefs adorned with it. Chiefs are also buried while clothed in leopard skin. Most tales and plays from Tswana culture have made the animal prominent ÔÇô an intelligent one you would want to imitate.

The love for the leopard print can also be traced to the soft spot authors have for the animal in their writing and pictures.

Although it can be elegant, leopard print is tricky. It has the connotation of luxury and sexiness. As a result, if you do not pull it off properly, you can end up looking vulgar.

The myths and beliefs surrounding the animal print even influence appetites in the bedroom. A leopard is a wild cat. Some go to the extent of imitating its behaviour when the magic is turned on during sexual acts. It is why bedroom garments are often designed in this print.

Fashion designers say leopard print has come back in a big way and it promises to be a long route before it is fall out time.

It remains a ‘want to get’ fashion item. In full swing and enjoying its era, it has reached the top of the fashion design ladder.

You just can’t go wrong with a classy leopard print, if you have a good sense of mix and match. By mixing your leopard items differently, you bring a fresh mood into the outfits.

So this season, grab hold of that leopard print garment.


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