Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Let’s do away with some of these silly laws

It just doesn’t make sense at all. Are you telling me that a group of fathers and mothers who sit in parliament to craft our laws agreed in their majority that it is perfectly fine to have sex with sixteen-year olds? Oh my God! As the Sebina issue continues to dominate our national debates, I just can’t help but wonder what those legislators had smoked on that day when they agreed that it must be legally permissible for sixteen year old kids to have sex, not only with their contemporaries but even with people elderly enough to be their grandparents. The same lawmakers, shockingly, put the voting age at eighteen. Only people who are eighteen and above are allowed to vote for political representatives because it is believed only at that age do they start to understand the dynamics of politics and life in general. And it makes perfect sense for people to start voting at the age of eighteen because normally, people at that age are doing form five and transiting to tertiary where life now begins. Now how stupid it is that we can’t trust 16 year-olds to make informed decisions during political elections yet we have no qualms giving them the green light to have sex? They can’t vote while they are still at junior secondary schools but they can have sex.

They can’t drink alcohol while they are under eighteen but they can have sex while they are sixteen.  Only people who are over the age of eighteen are permitted to acquire driver’s licenses. Our law doesn’t trust sixteen year olds to be responsible behind the wheel yet they are trusted to make informed decisions when it comes to having sex. Our law does not allow sixteen year olds to acquire land yet they are allowed to have sex. Even the courts of law when ruling on child maintenance, the order is always that the parent must maintain their child until they reach the age of twenty one, or is it 18, I am not quite sure but my argument is, someone is considered by the courts to be unable to tackle life independently until they reach the age of twenty one but on the other hand a sixteen year old is given sexual independence by our constitution. How absurd! It is so sickening that, by his own admission, the Sebina councillor has had sex, not only sex but unprotected sex, with a slightly over sixteen year old student and our constitution protects him. A baby will soon be crying in Sebina but what we need to learn from this disgusting behaviour of this councillor is that our laws are silly, stupid even. They do not make sense in that they seem to be contradictory and defy even the lowest of logics. The Sebina issue has demonstrated to us that we have among us, elderly people who have no moral nerve to see sixteen year olds as children whose legs should not be opened for sexual gratification. It has taught us that we cannot trust sixteen year olds to value education more than the enticements they receive from these sick old men. It is therefore imperative that we set out laws that will help these na├»ve kids and those paedophiles. In the same way that we have, in other aspects, deemed sixteen year olds to be too young to vote, acquire land, drink alcohol, get driver’s licences let us prohibit them from having sex. We need to come up with stringent laws that will keep these paedophiles at bay. Clearly we are different as people. When I see a sixteen year old beautiful girl, the only thing about her that I can salivate over is her mother because I cannot even begin to imagine how I can allow such a young girl to come into contact with my private parts. Sadly, for people like the Sebina councillor, they prefer unripe fruits which is why we need to come up with laws that can scare them away from our kids. I call for the amendment of our laws with diminished hope, given what the president of our republic is reported to have said at yet one of his Kgotla reckless statements.

It is reported that President Khama told his audience at a Kgotla meeting that it is wrong for people to attack the Sebina councillor on social media and radio stations because he is not the first person to have sex with students. Khama left me speechless in my disappointment. So just because the Sebina councillor is not the only person nor the first one, he should not be rebuked for his shameful deeds? Oh Lord look this side! The same councillor is said to have apologised at a Kgotla meeting in Sebina but diluted his apology with a defence that he was not the only sick old man who sleeps with our children. Some of us will not stop criticizing bad behaviour from our leaders on the basis they are not the only ones doing bad things. Kana it means when President Khama leaves office we should not condemn the next president if he abuses office on the basis Khama would have done it during his term in office. I mean, right now we are financing Khama’s hobbies of riding quad bikes and playing with sand at Khawa and it would mean we shouldn’t complain when the next president’s hobby happens to be strip tease because in the same way we bought quad bikes for Khama, he would expect us to pay for his strip teasers.


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