Monday, December 6, 2021

Letshego house draw slotted for 11 April

Letshego Holdings this past Tuesday released the final draw of the 14 finalists who will slug it out for the company’s ‘Win a house’ competition, scheduled for 11th April. The draw will be conducted at the house that is up for grabs, near Botlhale English Medium School, Tsholofelo East, Gaborone. The draw of the 14 finalists was held at the company’s headquarters in Gaborone.

The 14 were drawn from boxes filled with names of Letshego clients who applied for and were granted loans at the company’s 11 branches, the Call Centre and the Internal Direct Sales from April to September 2014.

“The house is a medium-high three bedroomed house situated in front of Botlhale English medium school in Tsholofelo East. We have involved the area’s Village Development Committee (VDC) and we are going to start up with a clean-up campaign earlier that day, and around 11 we are going to start the exciting event. You are all invited,” said Kabelo Kwape, Letshego’s Communications Manager.

He explained that they had to seal the boxes in September to give time for the auditing of entries.

Beauty Mmolotsi of Letshego said just after the draw that all the finalists will be informed through telephones to turn up for the final draw. On that day all of them will be given keys with which to open and the one whose key opens the front door will be the winner. She said though the house is classified as ‘medium-high’ she has never seen such a luxurious building thus classified.

“It has three bedrooms and three bathrooms. Everything is fitted and it can rake in as much as P5000 per month or more as rentals for its winner should they decide to rent it out. Though it was estimated to cost P400, 000; it went beyond that. It would be advisable if the finalists are counseled so that they are not overwhelmed by winning such a luxurious house,” said Mmolotsi.

In a brief interview just after the draw, Kwape said the ‘Win a House’ initiative was a test project following their agreement with a building materials supplier in Jamal Trading Company and a contractor to find out if indeed it was possible to build a three bedroomed house at an estimated cost of P400, 000.

“We are aware that banks are unable to loan employees to build houses in rural areas. This is where we come in. We have made an agreement with Jamal Trading Company and a contractor. They calculated estimates and everything else and assured that it is possible to construct such a house. We secured a plot at about P200.000 and started construction. The house has since been built and we now know that it is very possible to help our clients with this kind of service,” said Kwape.

He said their clients are government and parastatal employees, as well as employees of some companies with whom they have agreements. Their services can however be rolled to other companies as long as they satisfy the company’s loan requirements.


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