Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Liban turns green at joint Appletizer, KBL launch

On Thursday night, the Lebanese restaurant, Liban at the iTower, turned green. This had nothing to do with the environment ÔÇô the Appletizer family had joined hands with Kgalagadi Breweries Limited for an official joint launch.

The evening was kicked off by Marketing Manager, Karabo Tlhabiwe, who promised those who attended an evening of fun, music and insight on the Appletizer brand. Tlhabiwe had them in stitches during the stunts performed by the Mixologist (The bartender) by suggesting that he taught him all the moves he was making with the liqueur bottle.

The Commercial Manager for Africa and the Middle East, Ashvan Mooloo, took everyone down the memory lane in his talk of Appletizer’s beginnings.

Mooloo explained that Appletizer came onto the market in 1965 and has continued to grow and expand until 2010 when it was classified as a premium soft drink.

Also in his presentation, Mooloo explained the contents of the drink, indicating that it is made from pure apple juice with light carbonation. This cider-like juice can be enjoyed on its own and has proven to be an amazing mixer in fruity cocktails.

To conclude, Mooloo stated that they intend to drive awareness by engaging with the target market at the point of sale in their various suppliers. They will also activate selected outlets with a specific set of activities and a strong calendar focus.

The activations will be fully integrated and we will have a strong asset that will able us to push the purchase and the re-purchase of the products.

During the various presentations of how they intend to roll out their plan, waiters kept the Appletizer flowing for all those present. For those with adventurous taste buds, cocktails both virgins and non alcoholic, were available.

One particularly tasty one was what the waiter simply called the Ciroc which was a mix of Appletizer and a premium Vodka Ciroc with bits and pieces of apple. The sweet tangy taste might deceive one but after knocking of a few glasses you will realise the potency.

The evening ended on a jovial note with a Mediterranean feast and lovely live music from a band and all the attendants walked away with branded Appletizer merchandise.


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