Sunday, August 7, 2022

Libyan representative evades media

Libya’s representative to Botswana, Mohammed Eleyan, continues to avoid the local media as the popular uprising in his country intensifies by the day.

It is unclear if the representative plans to denounce the actions of Gaddafi, whose 41-year dictatorship appears set for an imminent end or whether he is supportive of the man who says he is prepared to fight to the last man standing.

Some Libyan ambassadors, including a foreign minister, have resigned in protest as Gaddafi continues to butcher his own people in his desperate attempts to stop a revolt.

Since last week, the Libyan representative has refused to take or return calls, only speaking through his junior staff.

The response coming from the embassy has been: “We have no comment. We are still waiting to be briefed on the situation in Libya.”

Botswana last week severed diplomatic ties with Libya becoming the only African country to have done so – a move that has been hailed by some and scoffed at by others while Peru also suspended diplomatic relations with Libya.

On Monday, the South African Press Association (Sapa) reported that Libyan ambassador to South Africa, Abdullah Alzubedi, said Gaddafi must resign from his post for the sake of his people. The report further said South Africa has called on the African Union to end the “excessive use of force against demonstrators” in Libya.


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