Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Limkokwing flouting TEC requirements

The Tertiary Education Council says Limkokwing University has flouted the TEC requirements for operating the school in the absence of the student representative Council.

TEC remain toothless despite the institution’s failure to make sure that they have representative council as part of their governing structure.

Despite flouting the requirements, the TEC has admitted that they are no punitive measures that can be taken against the institution which is still operating without the Students Representative Council after they were expelled by the school in the last semester.

TEC Director of Quality Assurance, Felix O’mara, says as part of the requirement the SRC should be part of the governing body.

┬á“If the school had expelled the SRC they must have elected SRC as soon as possible. ┬áThe institution cannot function without SRC;┬áthey must have one in place,” stated O’mara. ┬á

He indicated that, currently, the TEC has  no punitive measures that can be taken against Limkokwing .

“We can ┬áonly put pressure on them to make sure that the SRC is put in place. We will continue to insist until there is one,” stated O’mara.

 He said that they have to insist that the institution has the SRC and they will  continue to ensure that the SRC is in place as per their obligation.  

However, students who spoke on condition of anonymity told The Telegraph  that they were also disappointed that TEC remains  a toothless organization despite the flouting of their regulations by Limkokwing.

Students revealed that they were surprised that the school management had opted to operate a school without the SRC.

“All level of management and operation there should be a student representative. ┬áIt was calculated move by Limkokwing to suppress students’ voice so that they can take their anti-students decisions,” said one student. ┬á

Students have been protesting against the book allowances and the suspension of the SRC members.
The students view the institution’s decision as a way of circumventing the debate of book allowance ┬áby expelling students’ representatives.┬á


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