Sunday, June 23, 2024

Limkokwing University assists White City school

As multitudes gathered around different areas to celebrate The Day of the African Child, Limkokwing University extended their helping hand to the White City Day Care Centre where they gathered to unveil the renovations they made to the centre.

In a theme, “Paint a Child’s Life”, the university said this was in line with the general theme, “Africa fit for children; Call for accelerated action towards their survival”. They added that according to many government publications, children have been surfaced as the most pivotal pillar in society because of the joys and differences they bring hence a need to extend their hand to the children.

The Public Relations and Event Manager of the university, Mercy B. Thebe, said that they recognize the power of mind and children’s abilities, hence a need to build their minds in a safe and conducive environment.

She added that “Paint a Child’s Life” is an effort to build a society that believes an encouraging environment for children is one that can produce a better Botswana.

“It is also empowering the world’s next generation through a new kind of enlightenment, to soak up a new and enriching educational environment for children.”

She said Limkokwing University further discovered that community development helps people achieve their potential by improving their daily lives and expanding their sense of efficacy, adding that they, therefore, decided to give the Day Care Center a makeover through renovating different parts of the Center, like toilets and the overall look of the centre.

Thebe added that they wanted to improve the visuals of the children’s Center by having their Day Care painted in colourful colours.

“We also want to invest in human capital and contribute towards social development,” she said.

“This is also an attempt to mobilize the university staff and students to work together voluntarily towards contributing to the society and changing people’s lives,” Thebe said.

She further said they intend to encourage both staff and students to realize that community service is an endeavor that will not only extend their relations to the community, but also create a sense of togetherness between the university as a whole and other industry key players.

Thebe further said this will also cultivate an Africa fit for children and accelerate towards their survival through developments that encourage their education.

The Minister of Presidential Affairs and Public Administration, Dr Margaret Nasha, presented winter hampers to the day care kids.

She said that “nothing can be more important than to care for those who need the care”.

“It’s important we care for them for we never know who is luring them and to where,” she added.

Nasha also pleaded with parents to invest in the future of the country by taking care of children who will be our future leaders.


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