Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Lions vow to roar in Keaikitse debacle


Lekidi Football Centre is certainly set to be a theatre of war for Debswana First Division South League (DFDSL) log leaders Gilport Lions as the battle for three point pocketed in their first match of the season against Modipane United goes to the judiciary table.

The former premiership outfit have found themselves in the deep end after Kgatleng based Modipane United lodged a defaulter player protest against them.

After the case was postponed early this week, the hearing of the matter has been scheduled for the 20th November 2018. Modipane United launched the protest following the use of Thabiso Keaikitsi in a match that they lost two nil in a league opener.

Gilport Lions have however maintained their status that the player was legitimate to play as they had registered him in their 2018/19 season players list.

It has been brought to the attention of Sunday Standard that the predicament of the players registration cards was the late documentation of registration at the local football mother body.

“The players registration cards were delayed by the fact that the Botswana Football Association (BFA) were busy with the registrations of the premier league cards hence the first division documentation was done late with a few errors. It was unfortunate that the delayed first division league kick started while some errors with concerns to players’ registration cards were expected to be rectified,” a source told Sunday Standard.

It is said that by the time the league started, Keaikitse’s registration card was allegedly stained and could not be replaced at the time as the league top brass were away in Francistown to launch the league.

“Keaikitse has long been registered with the club as prior to the release of the cards clubs were advised to bring along documents of registered players before the transfer window closed curtain. Keaikitse was part of Gilport Lions players list and this is just an unfortunate matter for the club as they have consulted with relevant authorities before engaging the player on match day,” insiders narrated.

In an interview with Sunday Standard, Gilport Lions manager Mpho Sephiri said every team has the right to stand by whatever they believe is right for them.

“I believe every team is entitled to query as this is a competition that any club works hard to emerge champions of and be promoted to the elite league. As far as we know now we are innocent. We have long registered the player and confident that he is not a defaulter,” said Sephiri.


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