Saturday, December 3, 2022

Lipstick or no lipstick?

Talk to men about make up and be sure to get disapproving looks and comments.

Do the same with women and then you will surely have an engaging conversation backed up with a lot of reason why make up is a must have for every woman.

Of late, the lipstick has been sticking out and making waves around the fashion catwalks and that has now rubbed off onto our local women. Although society has not fully accepted lipstick, these days Batswana women have gained enough confidence and have embraced wearing lipstick. The women are not just wearing lipstick but are, rather, opting for brighter colours such as orange, red, pink and yellow.

Tshegofatso Peter is one such lady who wears lipstick and says that she can’t do without it. She says that she started wearing lipstick a year ago and ever since she has not stopped.

Peter states that she has attracted stares most of the time when just walking around town because of the colour she chooses.

“I like wearing bright red more because it complements my personality and stands out,” she said, adding that sometimes she does pink and orange as well.

Asked why she prefers the lipstick over other forms of makeup she says that it is fun and easy to wear lipstick but, above all, it’s sexy and completes a look and gives it some edge.
However not all are fond of the lipstick.

Taxi driver Modiri Maimela says that he prefers a woman who maintains a natural look as compared to one who uses any form of makeup.

Maimela says that as far as he is concerned women who wear the ‘redlips’ (as he calls lipstick) are not easy to maintain as they always want money to get a new one once the old one is finished. He also adds that when a woman has lipstick on its hard to kiss her because she worries about her lipstick not getting smudged.

Maimela says that even though he doesn’t like lipstick when done properly it can look good but the problem is women who cannot do it properly that end up looking like clowns.

Fashionista Punki Matlhape says that as long as it is worn properly, there is nothing wrong with lipstick. She says that the first basic rule to be considered before lipstick is for an indivual to look at their skin tones so as to choose a colour that best complements the skin. Matlhape advises that brighter colours are best during the day time while darker shades should be worn at night. She adds that this should not be a limiting factor as one can decide to experiment and be playful with colours and mix them.

“There are really no basic rules when it comes to wearing lipstick, just a simple issue of trial and having fun,” she says.

She applauds Batswana women for joining and going with the flow of the current trends.


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