Monday, August 15, 2022

Live comedy stints attracting a steadily growing audience

Live comedy shows, comprising of local acts and a few foreigners, are making a slow but significant contribution to Botswana’s narrow entertainment industry.

For some time now, the most publicised and attended comedy show locally is the Kings of Comedy.
Live comedy shows are slowly attracting attention.

Recently, there was a comedy show held at Westwood International School where there were guest acts from South Africa.
Overall the show had five acts, three from South Africa and two from Botswana.

The show, which was presented by well-known local comedian, whose stage name is Mod, was well attended by a somewhat unresponsive audience that loosened up as the show progressed.
The two acts from Botswana were Tshweneyagae and Ribcracker.

However, most of the jokes Ribcracker did were a repeat of the material he performed for the last Kings of Comedy show.

Tshweneyagae made fun of MELS leader, Themba Joina, and of people who cheat on their partners.
“During the last elections, one man from a party that seems like it has 5 members was asked what Batswana should expect from him should he be elected into power. He promised to ensure that Batswana get lunch three times a day,” said Tshweneyagae.

The other acts from SA were people that have performed in different shows in Johannesburg; two of them were first comers to Botswana, while the last act, Chris Mapane, was in Botswana for the second time.

The two first comers were a young lad who called himself MoJack and former backstage actor, Ncobo.
Ncobo made fun of the music industry in SA while Mapane’s act involved making fun of random people in the audience, especially the two white people who were among the crowd.

It seems, however, that their attendance was wasted because the show was done in the vernacular. Mapane also spent his time making fun of coloured people whom he said were confused about everything, including what the World Cup was.

There was also a local R&B group called Lefika that entertained the crowd during the break.
The group comprised of four boys who impressed the audience with their well co-ordinated acapella.

Although the show started late, once it got going, everything went smoothly, what with Mod being a very good MC with jokes of his own.


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