Friday, April 19, 2024

Local Artists host Nigerians for collaboration

A twelve-year dream for some local creative artists has come true. Saturday afternoon witnessed the exhilarating arrival of seven crew members of a Nigerian Production House- NDMAXJOJO Movie Production. A kick-start of collaboration of locals acting alongside Nigerians has probably been set.   

All thanks to the versatile, passionate approach of the creative world by Jethro Ndebele aka Umaga.

The crew, some of whose members are also actors- was welcomed by three young Batswana film makers, event organizers and a Disco music artist, Gloria ‘Magloo a mafesto’ Thakadu.

Ndebele is the founder and owner of Tear Drainers Crew; a local production company. In a brief interview at the Sir Seretse Khama International Airport, Ndebele revealed that his move to bring the Nigerian crew here was motivated by the negligence of creative art locally. This has left graduates-himself inclusive, unemployed. This, he said suggests that they should think outside the box for fruition. Negligence, he observed is especially experienced in rural areas. Talented people need committed management and his production house is determined to bring the solution.

Registered in 2015, Ndebele narrated, Tear Drainers Crew came up with a five-year strategic plan. This is to recruit and make a family of 100 performers and 50 behind scenes crew. Collaboration, he emphasized was crucial in film production.

 “I have followed these Nigerian filmmakers and their actors for some time through social media. I came to the conclusion that their work is impressive and professional. I started interacting with them. We have discussed at length; a lot of issues. I was invited to perform on the NDMax movie titled; ‘Crime in Crime’ but could not because of the outbreak of Covid 19. Our collaboration with this Nigerian production house will shoot movies which can be watched in television stations locally and abroad,” he said. He added that old people in rural areas also have to be taken on board so that Setswana culture can be narrated.

The production planned by the two production houses is envisaged to come up with at least, two movies, two talk shows and one documentary on Bogwera and Bojale in the first quarter of this year. The collaboration’s production is thus set to tour various points of the country.  

An advert has been circulating on the artists’ social media page for ‘open call for actors’. For P350 once off payment the recruits get two weeks acting training lessons and stand a chance to cast in BotsStories.

NDMaxjojo Director, Nwaogwugwu Nduoma Standhope told The Telegraph in a brief interview after their arrival that they have come to give Botswana film industry a new shape.

“We have been friends with Batswana, especially Mr. Ndebele and we interact very well. As a professional director who has worked even internationally I can assure you that production needs team work and networking,” said Nwaogwugwu.


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