Saturday, March 2, 2024

Local businessman lashes out at ‘greedy’ foreign companies

Gaborone based businessman, Naseernddin Chand, has lashed out at the expatriate business community, insisting they were too interested in their business interests at the expense of the disadvantaged communities from which they conduct their business.

Chand said this at the donation of beddings worth thousands of for Sbrana Psychiatric Hospital by renowned local Choppies Supermarket tycoon Farouk Ismail, and local business individuals Mohammed-Afzel Tajhai, Abdul Latif Shaikh and Supa Cars (Pty) Ltd.

Officiating at handover on Friday in Lobatse, Chand expressed disappointment with the foreign business intervention efforts targeting the under privileged communities.

“I appeal to the business community to give back to the community such as the psychiatric hospital. I have noticed most of donors are predominantly citizen-owned businesses. I am however disappointed by the expatriate business community which seems to come here to make money,” said Chand.

He advised foreign enterprises to desist from suchbehavior and support efforts like the one they were holding for the mentally disturbed people.

While Ismail donated P100,000, Mahammed-Afzel Tajhai and Abdul Latif Shaikh doled out P4,000 and P10,000 respectively. Locally-owned company Supa Cars (Pty) Ltd gave P2,000.

Part of the money has already been used to buy new beddings for the patients, which were displayed for the audience to see.

“This is what we have to do to support government efforts…not just to make money,” Chand said.
Citing the biblical testimony that says ‘blessed is the hand that giveth than which receiveth’, Chand urged the expatriate business community to heed the clarion call.

“My message to the whole business community is to assist and uplift the less privileged,” he said.
The Botswana government has appealed for the business community to assist with any offer for the social and economic upliftment of the ordinary citizens.

While other business communities build houses for the needy, some adopt schools and provide facilities and services for government clinics and hospitals.

With all eyes fixed on the business community for assistance, the Minister of Health John Seakgosing for his part urged locals to implore the foreign companies to do the same.

“Bring them just to see. All we need is to convince them that their money will be properly used,” Seakgosing said.

Choppies Supermarket’s Ismail promised to foot the bill for another batch of bedding which it emerged could not be bought because the money ran out.

“I took leaf from our President who is a very generous and giving man,” he said, promising to open two more new clinics, one in Shakawe and the other in Mashatu Game Reserve to fulfill the President’s appeal.


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