Friday, September 30, 2022

Local company enters partnership with leading consulting giant

The Minister of Education Skills and Development, Pelonomi Venson-Moitoi, has commended the newly established strategic partnership involving the leading local recruitment and training house HRMC and Saville Consulting, touted as the world’s leading developer of psychometric executive assessments testing tools and programmes at the official launch of the partnership on Tuesday at the Gaborone International Convention Center. “When we work and learn from each other we synergize and the results of collaboration can be phenomenal, she said.”And no man is an island and human beings necessarily depend on one another.”

She called upon all local companies to seek partnership with world class business to bring something enormous and superb to Botswana
“When local companies partner with the best in the world they bring the best to Botswana,” she said, warning Batswana not to think that they are invincible and cannot learn from others but to consider partnering with international companies.
The minister embraced the partnership for it would bring with it fresh approaches, new ways of thinking and better ways to educate children.

Stuart White, the Chief Executive Officer of HRMC, noted that HRMC sought partnership with the global leader in occupational assessments Saville Consultants because of the significant developments in the global market, chiefly in the area of ground breaking innovation and technology to bring the same achievements in Botswana.
“They are eager to broaden the integrity of the profession and delivering innovative world class products and services to their clients in Botswana and regionally.”

Saville Consulting is an international organization founded in 2004 by Professor Peter Saville.The Saville team comprises of human resource specialists in psychology business, consulting and information technology all of which share the belief in customer service and his passion for innovation in assessment.

The minister encouraged a culture of innovation among Batswana where people passionately search for new and better ways to do business and fervently embrace this, saying this will minimize the country’s problems and the challenges will become dynamic.

The minister noted that the government is in full support of the partnerships though at times they will not be in a position to issue out monetary help.
The minister believes that if the business and education sector work hand in hand by embracing innovation and technology and by seeking out world class partnerships and world class standards, the country will be world class. She said that “the HRMC and Saville Consultants
partnership will significantly add value to the way we understand people who work with us and for us.”


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