Monday, February 26, 2024

Local Crafter Dazzles with her exquisite creations

“Unique, affordable and elegant” is how Sino Ragontse describes her intricately designed jewelry pieces which strike the eye and draw you in for a closer look. With the ever blossoming crafts scene in Botswana, it is easy to get shadowed by works of other refined jewelers, but Sino’s eclectic pieces make it hard to ignore her as a distinct crafter.

Drawn to creativity from a young age, Sino grew up with a deep appreciation for the arts. Inspired by African culture, prints and vibrant colours, her jewelry accentuates this interest. Sino’s designs, which range from earrings, neckpieces, headpieces and wrist wear, fuse her sentimentality for the richness of culture and dazzling colours. “Taking my love for colour in my young years and mixing that with the inspiration I draw from different cultures in the continent influences my designs,” says Sino.

Detailing her creative process as versatile, she mentions the many things that trigger her creativity. “I consider myself a weird artist. I get inspired daily by what I see on television, or as I walk around the mall or even lounging in my house. I tell people that my ideas are God sent and often come on their own,” says the 29 year old.

Since she started her making her designs in 2006 after realising she could jostle a buck or two from making her own jewelry, Sino has grown from taking her talent as a hobby to a genuine profession. She has designed jewelry for renowned South African designer David Tlale and locally she has adorned personalities such as Berry Heart.

Her first runway collection premiered at Gaborone Fashion Week, she was announced as one of the 2013/2014 DTC Shining Light Award winners and got awarded first place for the most unique jeweler at the Ministry of Gender Affairs Women’s Expo. Of recent, she was invited as a delegate in Egypt for the 14th Afro Arab Congress for Business and Professional Women.

She has not been immune to the challenges that come with being creative. “I sometimes experience sleepless nights, long hours of work and financial limitations but surprisingly, I manage to pull through every time,” says Ragontse. “Making jewelry takes immense dedication and passion for what you do. It is tough and tiring but it is a journey I forever cherish,” adds the young creative.

Currently, Sino Ragontse is collaborating with other local creative entrepreneurs. “I met some creative individuals at Ideas Expo this year and we are still working on something we will share soon,” she delights.

Her advice to emerging jewelry designers is that they must be prepared to work hard to refine their craft. She describes her target market as women who aspire to exude confidence and elegance, “I design for a woman who isn’t afraid to stand out from the rest, someone who knows once she walks into a room all eyes will be on her,” says Sino.


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