Friday, June 21, 2024

Local designer, Rita exhibits her collection

With so many fashion designers emerging every day, Rita Chuma says the trick for always staying on top is to put all one’s trust in God who directs every step but most of all is the master designer.

The 34-year-old who has been designing for more than 10 years now was scheduled to showcase her collection yesterday (22nd of November). She said that is where people would see what she is really capable of doing. “All these years I have been an indoor designer who didn’t showcase but my customers have now encouraged me to do shows and take my work to the people,” she said.

Chuma said designing is not only a career but a passion. She added that her biggest joy is to see a client happy as she always makes sure attires are up to scratch but mostly she makes it a point that deadlines are met without excuse. She pointed says she draws her motivation from other designers.

“I love how each year a new designer is introduced. I believe competition is good for the designing industry as it keeps us on our toes. This is healthy competition and it motivates me, “she said.

The show, dubbed, ‘wear a smile fashion show’ will feature another designer, Martin Mokiwa, from Tanzania who will be showcasing his latest work also. “I believe in sharing ideas and seeing what the rest of Africa is doing. That is why I thought it will be appropriate to invite Martin. I always find inspiration in his work and he is one of the designers who always motivate me to be the best I can be, “she said.

She said that she had also invited local boutiques to the show so that they come and see what is available locally. “I believe for our collection to reach other parts of Africa, they have to first be accepted in Botswana so this way other countries will see that we have talent and that we are proud of our designs,” she said.

The show would be held at Oasis motel. It would be divided into three sections where the first section was to be about models modelling casual wear; the second would be about African print section while the last one will be about dinner and bridal wear collection.

“This show is appropriate for ladies who understand that beauty includes dressing beautifully and of course people who will soon be getting married and are looking for designers. I have made sure that I leave a lasting impression on my designs so that they catch people’s attention,” she said.

Rita said that in between the different sections there would be entertainment where different artists would be performing. “It is going to be a uniquely organised and choreographed show as we are working on reaching international standards. I believe my calling is not only designing in Africa but also other parts of the world,” she said.

Rita’s Collections has dressed different people over the years, from designer t-shirts to beauty pageant gowns and wedding gowns.She has also dressed PunahGabasiane.

“I have the ability to create designs from my head looking at the structure of a person and this has helped me to build up rapport with clients and helped the business grow,” she said.


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