Sunday, February 28, 2021

Local SMMEs lack support on innovation, right business acumen

The convergence on November 7 of various stakeholders, who included Development and financial institutions, at the Botswana National Productivity Centre (BNPC) over the future of small and medium scale enterprises has shed a ray of renewed hope for the sector.

┬áTebogo Kesupile, Enterprise Support Programme Manager at BNPC, said that ‘compared to large foreign enterprises in the country, Botswana’s SMMEs do not have support in terms of innovation, productivity concepts and even the right business acumen’.

 Most of the larger businesses, on the other hand have the benefit of sophisticated technologies and high levels of understanding of productivity issues.

┬á“That derives mainly from the fact that they are international in nature and are highly experienced in their areas of specialization,” Kesupile added.

 Moreover, in case of any challenges that arise in the course of operation, these enterprises usually find a ready point of reference in the more developed world (economies) where they originate or have connections.

 The effect of that is such that connections and ready advice and support from abroad ensures sustainability, as well as improved quality output for such enterprises.  By the same token they are assured a competitive edge since they rely on up to date, state of the art technologies and latest productivity concepts.

┬áThus, the decision by BNPC to enjoin, Botswana Export Development and Import Agencies (BEDIA) Citizen Enterprise Development Agencies’ (CEDA), and commercial Banks, as well as Local Enterprise Authority (LEA) and Business representative organizations, was explained in terms of determining the right environment for SMME’s success in the country.

 According to the BNPC officials, the combined output of the stated development and financial institutions would once appropriately placed offer an equally powerful point of reference for the SMMEs.

┬áThe adoption of a Japanese technique known as 5s’ and Kai Zen has been cited as part of the outcome of such efforts.
 Basing on this concept, it was stated that the way the production process (materials and logistics) is arranged in a factory is crucial in enhancing or impending productivity.

 Kesupile pointed out that, in like manner, it is important to ensure that one places basic things in their order, such as soap, clothes, and work diary in their right order in anticipation of going to work.

 It is imperative to entire existence of the right conditions for productive operation of the factory. This includes on supervision skills, customer service and project management as well as empowering those entrusted with leadership responsibilities.

┬á“It is in this context that the conveying of stake holders and our development partners was in order to share with them our conceptual design of new products named productive enterprise and financial wellnesses,” Kesupile said.

 She indicated that participants commit and suggest as to whether the products one found suitable for SMMEs would be mightily reassured and accordingly incorporated.


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