Monday, March 4, 2024

Local universities did not do their homework, post poor FISU results

In what was a disappointing display, Botswana came empty handed from their participation at the just ended International University Sports Federation (FISU) organised World University Games. This is despite the country having sent some of the most talented athletes, among them the Sebele siblings, Tsaone and Ditiro.

According to the Botswana Tertiary School Sports Association (BOTESSA)’s Public Relations Officer (PRO) Duncan Segabo, the local athletes tried their best but were no match for their competitors.

“Most of the players attending the games from other countries are highly experienced and had been here before during other games. For countries that are accustomed to indoor playing, they are highly ranked and well suited to those conditions,” the BOTESSA spokesperson explained.

Segabo however said the fact that Botswana players faced those top players is a morale booster, and they should leave Taipei a different lot, prepared to conquer the world.

“They have just started the long journey of learning, so they are getting used to the high level of competition. Some of the athletes that are competing are from leagues; some come from championships where the competition level is outstanding. I believe given the chance our athletes can do much better, as the games have opened their eyes,” he said.

Segabo said the local athletes have gained some experience but a lot needed to be done to get them ready next time.

Going forth, the BOTESSA PRO said there was need to keep local athletes engaged and active in competitive sport to ensure improvement.

“We need to encourage and fully engage our national federations to have these athletes fully active so that they keep the momentum. We believe they are charged so we have to keep them in this gear,” Segabo said.

He BOTESSA planned to ensure the team attends as many competitions as possible so that they can get the best preparation and support system possible in preparation for the next FISU games.

In view of the above, Segabo said it is of great importance that they start preparing for the CUCSSA games which will be hosted by Botswana next year, the FASU in Ethiopia and FISU netball competitions.

“Attending to all these activities will add more value to our games and our team’s performance,” he concluded.


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