Monday, August 15, 2022

Long standing football wars re-ignited

The efforts to pass a motion of no confidence on the current Botswana Football Association (BFA) leadership might be a signal of intense wars to come in the soccer fraternity.

Some people are not happy with several developments at the BFA and wanted to use the assembly as an opportunity to express their dissatisfaction.

The efforts to get rid of the current BFA leadership had already gained momentum and the BFA had to make last ditch efforts to thwart it away. BFA President David Fani went to the extent of writing a scathing press release tearing into smithereens those who were behind the intended coup. Fani went to the extent of labeling those who wanted him out as unmarried and unemployed, something that did not go down well with some people in soccer circles.

It has come to The Telegraph’s attention that Fani’s letter has reignited long standing factionalism in local soccer and might signal the end of his era in the not too distant future.
There are even rumours that another coup attempt is looming. According to one of the sources who was not happy with the BFA President’s remarks in the letter, they might even go to the extent of calling a special congress and pass a motion of no confidence.

“What I can tell you is that we are very disappointed at the way our president attacked some people. Of course, he might have been under pressure of the looming coup d’├®tat, but the way he responded is uncalled for. We are now going to take our time and map the way forward. Even if it means calling a special congress let it be,” the source said. The source even said they are not happy at the way vice presidential candidate for administration, Segolame Ramothwa, was treated.
He could not stand for elections after it was decided that his nomination did not meet the requirements.

It was then a two-man horse race between Boyce Sebetela and Booker Bannister and it was eventually won by the former.

The source further said if nothing happens before 2012 General assembly they would then use the assembly to put people they see fit to run local football.
The source went further to say they are already lobbying for some people to challenge Fani in the future. Ramothwa could be one of those and Sebetela can also not be ruled out, but that will depend on how Sebetela operates in his new position.


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