Monday, July 4, 2022

Look out for your star player

What are the most important things in life?

Knowing the right people, getting a decent education, working a high paying job and marrying the right person, right?

When you are thinking about what the most important things in your life are, be careful you don’t leave out what’s probably the most important, looking out for your star player, yourself!
As much as it’s great to be selfless and know how to put other people’s interests before your own from time to time, many of us neglect how important it is to look out for yourself.

One thing we must all realize is that there are people in this world whose primary function is to bring you down, many of them don’t even have anything against you personally; it’s just what they do.

People love finding flaws in successful people and exploiting them and if it’s a big enough flaw, you don’t even have to be successful for it to become a topical issue. This obsession is exactly why tabloids are popular in almost every society in the world today. It’s a fact; whatever little success you manage to carve out for yourself, people are always going to find something bad to say about you and if you’re not certain about yourself, they may well convince you that you don’t deserve what you’ve worked so hard for.

The people who always seem to notice when you’ve done something wrong, most likely won’t be around to congratulate you when you do something right.

It’s good to have a support system, to make sure you keep people around you that you know will have your best interests at heart when they give you advice. However, a support system is useless if you can’t be your biggest supporter. For all the supportive friends and family you may have, there will come a time when you feel like your bearing the weight of the world on your own two shoulders. This is the time when you’ll either rise to the challenge or just crumble and succumb to defeat.

That time came for Caster Semenya a few months ago and her story is an almost tragic example of how important it really is to stay in tune with your star player. This is an African, female athlete who grew up with an underprivileged background but rose to become a dominant force at the world championship in athletics. She should have been on top of the world but some people had different ideas about what Caster Semenya should be doing. She was ridiculed and scrutinised about how masculine she is to the point that she even considered not accepting the prestigious medal she had worked so hard to earn. It’s hard to say whether the debate over Caster’s gender was out of genuine concern or rather genuine spite and bad will.

Most of us will never have to deal with a gender crisis but Caster’s story is just an example of how your success can be ruined by a handful of people. The only way to be prepared is to build a strong personal foundation. Get to know yourself, your qualities and your flaws, your likes and your dislikes. We often complain about how people don’t understand us but how can you expect anyone to ever understand you when you don’t even understand yourself.

If you don’t take time to understand yourself then you can never truly reach your full potential because you’ll always be working with the little you think you have. Most importantly of all, remember that you can never stop growing as a person. No matter how old or experienced you become, we must never stop allowing ourselves to change over time. The fact that nobody’s perfect means that there is no limit to how much you can change for the better so you can constantly keep becoming a better person today, than you were yesterday.

Nevertheless, you need to accept the fact that no matter how you choose to live your life, there will always be people who have something negative to say about it. No single human being has ever managed to live above criticism, not even Nelson Mandela. One British columnist contends that Nelson Mandela is just a former terrorist who has achieved next to nothing in his relatively short political career, which has seen South Africa rapidly decline to the status of the world’s most violent and crime-ridden country. Meanwhile, the American government, rather than giving him his due recognition, only removed Nelson Mandela from it’s ‘terror watch’ list last year.

The point is that as hard as you may try to live the way you feel, the people of this world would like you to live, there will always be those who have negative comments about you. The only option is to stop living for everybody else and to start living for yourself because in the end, the only person who really matters is yourself.


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