Thursday, July 7, 2022

LTS Enterprise sponsors national mini volleyball Festival to the tune of P20 000

The Botswana National Volleyball Festival got a cheque for P20, 000 from LTS Enterprises, who sponsors the mini volleyball festival event for the first time.

Botswana Volleyball Federation, in conjunction with Botswana Primary School Sport Association, will be hosting a national mini volleyball festival at Phikwe Stadium. The annual National Mini Volleyball Festival is scheduled to be on the 4th and 5th December 2009.

The main purpose of the festival is to get children from all over the country together to play for leisure and enjoyment; to check the technical ability of the children; check the ability of the coaches; and to identify future players that could be monitored and trained.

Senior sports development officer of the Botswana Volleyball Federation, Mission Mereyotlhe, said out of the cheque money, the players are going to get t shirts.

“It is going to be a colourful event, the stadium will be fully decorated,” he said. Mereyotlhe said that this event is a development programme and that they see changes in improvement among the teams every year.

“The morale is high in the teams as a result of more incentives we are offering as a sponsor, therefore we expect better competition,” he said.

The event caters for children aged under 14years from different schools around the country. There will be 39 girls and 39 boys’ teams, in total 78 teams participating. However, trophies will be awarded to the schools that reach the final of the festival.

Last year’s event hosted 68 teams which were half boys’ and half girls at Jwaneng. This year presents more teams, which Mereyotlhe said shows the improvement and development of the sport.


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