Friday, December 1, 2023

Maclean ‘unclean’ again? Malesu’s appointment stirs ‘muddy’ BFA waters

Some members of the Botswana Football Association (BFA) National Executive Committee (NEC) are not happy with the appointment of Ookeditse Malesu as the association’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

Malesu was appointed by BFA president Maclean Letshwiti on Wednesday, in what many see as a unilateral decision by him.  

According to close sources at Lekidi, Malesu’s appointment has stirred the waters at the controversy-prone association with some of the NEC members labelling the appointment procedural. 

Heading the list of those opposed to the appointment, it is alleged, are Letshwiti’s own two vice presidents, Segolame Ramothwa and Marshlow Motlogelwa, both of whom are said to have distanced themselves from the decision to appoint Malesu.

It is alleged that Letshwiti invoked article 41 of the BFA constitution to unilaterally appoint Malesu as the new CEO. Article 41 talks about the duties of the BFA president.  

However, according to those opposed to the appointment, Letswhiti should have not appointed but just recommended as per Article 41.3 of the BFA constitution.

“The said article clearly stipulates that only the BFA President may propose the appointment or dismissal of the BFA Secretary General (CEO). It does not empower him to appoint the CEO as he did,” the source revealed.

With this in mind, it is said the NEC members who oppose Letshwiti’s right handman say the BFA constitution was not followed as the president does not have powers to appoint CEO but the NEC.  In the case at hand, they argue that Malesu was appointed without the endorsement of the NEC. 

It is further revealed that those questioning the appointment have decried that procedure was not followed as the position was not advertised. 

Apart from questioning the procedure of Malesu’s appointment, those opposed to the appointment are said to be questioning whether Malesu is capable of matching the challenges and demands that come with the position of the CEO. 

They also question Malesu’s football knowledge and say he is new in the game and cannot be given big post like of the BFA CEO.

Malesu once led the Botswana Karate Association (BOKA) and later he switched to Botswana Swimming Sport Association (BSSA) as a vice chairperson where he spent a stint.

 Malesu replaces Kitso Kemoeng who was unceremoniously dismissed by the BFA leadership. Others see the appointment of Malesu as a reward since he lost last year’s NEC election running under the Letshwiti camp that dethroned Tebogo Sebego. 

Malesu is hired on the terms and conditions of the existing CEO contract that hired Kemoeng, according to sources close to the BFA. 

Malesu is the second employee to have been appointed without the post being advertised. Tumo Mpatane, the spokesperson of the BFA, was head hunted like his new boss. 

The new CEO is inheriting the association that is besieged by many challenges that are taking toll of the BFA. 

Among the challenges he will face is to appoint the technical director of the BFA after Benny Kgomela whose contract was not renewed by his principals. Malesu will also together with his NEC take decision of either renewing the contract of the national team coach (Peter Butler), or the hire the new coach.

According sources at the BFA the coach is owed of salary of P100 000. It is said that the debt is the stumbling block between the BFA and the national team coach.  

Malesu’s other major task is to get the women league on the ball. The women football is one of the structures that has torn the NEC apart with some believing justice was not done when the decision was taken to stop the league. 

Malesu immediately will have to start negotiating for the Top 8 and premiership sponsors as the two are ending in April and May respectively. Mascom’s sponsorship of Top 8 is coming to an end after the finals of the tournament. 

Unlike his predecessors it seems Malesu comes into the fray without due processes. The press release that was issued to media does not specify whether he is hired on contract or he is permanent and pensionable. 

He will also be expected to put to an end to the prolonged battle between the BFA and the premier league CEO, Bennett “Benito” Mamelodi.  


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