Monday, April 22, 2024

Mafutha undeterred as he takes over KRFA chairmanship

Kweneng Regional Football Association (KRFA) Vincent Mafutha is resolute he will not be deterred or disheartened by impending challenges as he resumes his 4-year tenure at the helm.

The newly elected chairman’s job is not made easy by the fact that he inherits a limping executive committee at the start of his KRFA chairmanship. His current committee is only made up of four members out of a possible six (6).

Currently, he will start without a vice chairman, a secretary general and treasurer, the three most crucial positions in the committee. The vice chairman was not voted for as the only candidate for the position was vetted out while it was announced the secretary general had resigned immediately after the announcement of results.

Despite all these, Mafutha says he and his committee will not be disheartened. “Remember, we have been given a mandate to co-opt members. This is however not a priority right now as co-opting is a process which will take time,” he says.

With the BFA having issued an announcement for the leagues to resume, the new KRFA chairman says the immediate priority is to appoint a league committee. “We need to have the committee in place as quickly as possible because they are the once who will be running our league. They have a short time to start drawing fixtures for the league to start,” he explains.

Mafutha says he hopes the committee will be appointed this week to allow for it to be properly trained to undertake its duties. The plan, he says, is to have it undergo training as early as this coming week. He says training is imperative as they have never had such training before.

While at it, the new KRFA chairman says he is ready to lead his committee to deliver on important issues. Top of these he says, is the coaches’ education. He says the plan is to have applied to the Botswana Football Association (BFA) to facilitate coaches’ training in the Kweneng region this week.

“The intention is to have more qualified coaches in the region. We need qualified coaches across all our structures including women, youth and grassroots development.” As a way to ensure a minimum of 35 people needed to get the course is met, Mafutha says the course will be open for all divisions and structures within the region.

The KRFA chairman says by the end of his tenure, he wants to see an improvement in the region in areas of governance and administration, stakeholder engagement as well as regional structures.

To ensure there is coordination, Mafutha says the committee will be keen on finding an office space where their operations will be housed. The office will be equipped with computers which he says he expects them to be available soon.

Concerning the individual teams, expectation is that they will also be helped to get their house in order to meet basic governance and administration requirements. These will among others facilitating to have clubs opening bank accounts.


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