Friday, April 16, 2021

Magazine for ‘plus size’ coming soon

In the world of super thin models being overweight, it has become a heavier burden for some to carry.

For 25-year-old and soon to be graduate, Thabang Emmanuel, the demands of being slim and the public humiliation of being overweight have not deterred her but rather, have spurred her on to produce a magazine promoting the beauty and essence of plus size women.

Thinking about what inspired her, Emmanuel says she recalls her experience like it was yesterday. She says she set out for an audition in which South Africa megastar Desmond Dube was casting a female role for his production. Having executed her lines with conviction and energy, she was disappointed to be told that her weight did not support the role for which they were casting.

Emmanuel says she remembers vividly being told that the role needed a slimmer girl.

She says even more embarrassing was her encounter at a job interview at a local newspaper where they asked her questions hinting at her weight and size.

Due to these painful experiences, she has embraced her weight and says people should not expect to see any slim models in her magazine, Voluptuous, as it will strictly cater for plus size women. Emmanuel says that her experience has led her to realize that there is a lot of positive energy that ought to be given to those who may be stressing about their weight.

Voluptuous will target women between 25 and 35 who are struggling with their weight. It will also get opinions from men on a number of topics; there is also a business section. The health section will give an insight into how to combat being overweight and the measures that need to be taken.
Emmanuel says though she is keeping mum about the name of the web address till her launch approaches, she will use an international address (.com ) rather than a local (.bw) in order to challenge the outside market.

“I plan to penetrate the market in a unique way,” she says. “I plan to start with a fashion show.”
With the content of the magazine ready the online version will be available from the start of next month.


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