Monday, July 4, 2022

Magilo – quantity surveyor with one foot in rap music

Everyone would agree that being a quantity surveyor and a hip hop artist are two wildly different careers.  A quantity surveyor, for example, has to deal with calculating costs for buildings, while a rapper has to mesmerize his audience through reciting poetry over music beats, (Rhythm and Poetry) or ap.                                                                                                  
Gilbert Modise, the 35 year old Tutume born musician also known as Magilo, is a multi-talented new rap artist who decided to effortlessly combine the two careers. Despite obtaining a Bachelor’s degree in Quantity Surveying from Cheffield Hallame University in the United Kingdom (UK), he did not turn his back on his passion for rap after graduating.

In a detailed interview last week, he said that although he chose to pursue his career as quantity surveyor, hip hop has been more of a calling in his life. He said that when he finished his Bachelor of Science studies at the University of Botswana, he proceeded to further his studies in the UK, where his love for rap music grew.

“When I was in the UK, I had plenty of free time than when I was at UB and that is when I bought international rap albums, listened to artists like Busta Rhymes and 2 Pac and my love for rap blossomed,” he said.

Upon his return to Botswana a few years ago, Magilo decided to try his hand at rapping and in the process signed with a Francistown Record Label called the Sick Bunch. He started collaborating with various artists and they released mix tapes. When he met another artist, Ntungamili Leader Malomo, who raps in Kalanga, things took a different twist. They formed a group which they called Magilo na Leader.

“After meeting Leader, I developed a love for rapping in my language, Ikalanga. We did an 18-track Ikalanga rap album which will be released this year and officially launched next year,” he said.
The album, titled Lailani Ikhuwa (appreciation of mother tongue in Ikalanga), is a master piece that is set resuscitate the pride among Bakalanga people by urging them to appreciate their language and culture.

Magilo further says that the tracks in the album feature local legends such as Jazz maestro Ndingo Johwa and rappers, Apollo Diablo, Konkrete and Bangu Matenge who is the producer.

“I would also love to give credit to the late local artist Bull dog (Dwilila Motshosi), who was my mentor,” he said.

Magilo concluded by saying that in life one has to believe in himself and never lose his passion as it may drive him to greater heights of success.


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