Monday, June 5, 2023

Mahogany Restaurant screams ‘intimacy’, with food that teases the palate

If intimacy could scream, then the Mahogany restaurant would answer. However intimacy does not scream so for a glimpse of how the cream of the crop wine and dine one will have to take a trip down the South Ring road and make a detour at the Gaborone Sun for this experience.

At first I am a bit skeptical about entering the room because everyone inside seems so prim and proper to a point where all the men (including the waiters are draped in dinner jackets.

But my name is on the list so the host ushers me to a table where I am introduced to Tshepo, my host for the evening.

Whoever said chivalry was dead clearly has not met Tshepo because he pulled out my chair, laid a napkin on my lap and went on to introduce himself with a smile on his face.

As luck would have it in our beloved city there was no power so my partners in crime were running a bit late but Tshepo indulged me with an a journey through their vast selection of wine and suggested a Sauvignon Blanc which apparently opens the pallets preparing one for a hearty meal at the Mahogany restaurant.

Extremely conversant with the conformities and ideals for the establishment, Tshepo makes some interesting suggestions from the starter to the dessert.

In the starter section the Tom Yum Kai soup walks away with the title as this Asian delicacy combines a spicy with a soothing effect from the ginger and mushrooms. There is also the Prawn and Avocado which was a bit shocking to the taste buds as the avocado was draped in sesame seeds.

After you get used to it, the concoction proves to have a bit of a soothing effect which complemented the sharp taste of the wine. The liver Pate was actually a bit mediocre and did not offer much to the taste buds.

For the main course, the Mozambique Prawns were the belle of the ball as they were immaculately prepared and went down extremely well even without the use of the sauces; one could literally taste the ocean with every bite.

The baby chicken was also okay but Asian-inspired spicy crispy chicken proved to be a dish to reckon with as it was succulent with a delectable taste.

Always trying to learn something new, I was curious to find out how they made their savoury rice so fluffy.

Tshepo explained that with a bit of egg, warm water and vinegar, the rice becomes soft and supple.
By the time the dessert menu came through we were all ready to collapse, but Tshepo managed to convince us to try the chocolate fondue ÔÇô a combination of marshmallows, strawberries, nougat, and croutons all dipped in a mix of melted chocolate. The mango cheese cake is also not too bad as an end to an amazing meal.

What would a meal be without drinks?

Aside from the wine that accompanies the meals, Tshepo also treats us to a single malt whiskey on the rocks to put a cherry on top to one of the best meals I have ever had.

The Mahogany restaurant, located at the heart of the Gaborone Sun is a gem within a gem. They encourage customers to book in advance since this intimate set up only sits 35 people. It is not ideal for younger children but is often used for romantic set ups and is very strict on the smart casual look which every customer should keep up with.


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