Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Maid sends stolen goods home to mother and sister

Margaret Nkutlwang, a records clerk at the Botswana Power Corporation was shocked to find her maid’s elder sister wearing her dresses when she had taken her maid to her home village for the holidays.

Giving evidence before Urban Customary Court President Dikwalo Monametsi, in a case in which Keamogile Dikemane, 18, was being charged for theft, Nkutlwang told the court that she accompanied her maid for holiday at her home village in Letlhakane on August 24, 2006 and discovered that her maid’s elder sister was wearing her clothes which she didn’t even know were missing from her wardrobe. After dropping her off at her home village, she drove back to town and immediately checked her wardrobe only to discover that clothes worth P370 were missing. She reported the case to the Urban Police who then took her to Letlhakane to search her maid’s house and found some of the stolen goods in the house.

Dikemane was arrested after some of the stolen clothes were found inside her mother’s house and she pleaded guilty to the charges of theft.
She asked the court not to look her up for the weekend saying was to go to a funeral at her home village. Monametsi refused and ordered the police to lock her up until the police investigations to recover more of the stolen items were over.

The case continues next week.


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