Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Maintaining top form not guaranteed after transfer

The transfer period is the time when players make moves, for varying reasons, to advance their careers.
Some do so because of lack of game time at their clubs, while others want honours with still others after mainly inflating their pockets. Some of the moves end up successfully as players’ careers flourish to the greater heights at the new clubs they might have moved to. Other moves, however, sometimes end up being a nightmare as players regret why they moved in the first place.

Players might not produce the same good display and end up being relegated to the bench and even the stands. Some of the players who were outstanding at their previous clubs before moving and who found themselves on the sidelines include the likes of Mosalagae ‘City’ Gaborone, Bernard Simakwenzi, Derrick Ntumbayi, Thato Siska, Shepard Mosekgwa and Nicolas Gora.

Gaborone was the darling of Gaborone United (GU) in the middle of the park. He was a destroyer of credibility and made mobility easier for fellow midfielders. After a tiff with some GU management, BDF XI registered him.
At BDF XI, Gaborone was not the same player he had been at GU. He was also in most cases played in different positions, such as a striker, and ended up being on the bench for most of last season. He has since been offloaded by BDF XI and his next destination is unknown.

Many people wonder what could have gone wrong with Simakwenzi at Rollers. Since joining the team from BDF XI two seasons ago, he struggled in front of goals. He did not show the same goal scoring instinct he did at BDF XI.
At BDF he was a marvelous striker who gave many defenders a torrid time. He once lamented at Rollers that luck seemed to have deserted him. Whether Township Rollers will offload the towering striker remains to be seen.
Normally it is not easy for a team that has just gained promotion to easily survive in the elite league. Derrick Ntumabayi was one of the players who made sure that Boteti Young Fighters survived last season and finish in a respectable position. He mauled many top teams while at Boteti and ended up being snatched by Mochudi Centre Chiefs. Ntumabayi is yet to produce that spark that made him a house-hold name at Boteti. He even misses some of the easiest chances that he could have scored with ease.

Many Centre Chiefs supporters are still watching closely whether he will re-discover his form and help Centre Chiefs to defend the title.
Siska also was a marvel to watch while at both Notwane and Uniao Flamengo Santos. But when he joined Centre Chiefs, his form dipped and the injury he allegedly had compounded the situation.

Before joining Centre Chiefs, he even donned national team colours and even scored in some of the games.
Centre Chiefs, however, ended up offloading him to Santos where he is yet to play.

Mosekgwa was a marvelous player to watch when at both BDF XI and Tafic. He was a mobile midfielder and enjoyed surging forward scoring and creating vital goals.

Since joining BMC, however, things took a dramatic twist and he found himself playing second fiddle as he was warming the bench most of the time.
BMC have since passed him to fellow strugglers, Nico United of Selibe Phikwe and whether he will re-kindle his form and help Nico is something many people are watching out for.
After arriving from Zimbabwe, Gora took the Premier League by storm when he joined Tafic. Even when Tafic were on the losing side, Gora could always find the back of the net regularly. It was not surprising when Township Rollers and Centre Chiefs fought for his signature.

He ended up signing for Centre Chiefs. Immediately after signing, he found himself a shadow of his former self and was either warming the bench or watching from the stands. Even when given a chance his killer punch as renowned at Tafic was not there.
Centre Chiefs ended up releasing him to Santos who are also reportedly releasing him.


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