Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Malema in SA, Grace Mugabe in Zimbabwe…oh, my God!

I have always waited for someone in Africa to look at my sad face, smile and poke me in my ribcage with their elbow and relieve me with three words, “Just kidding, buddie”.

For more than 30 years I have waited.


People say the most painful things to me, the victim, while praising a system that disenfranchised me. Some Africans are entertained by some African leaders’ cruelty to their people.

The people of Africa are not kidding as, starting with Robert Mugabe, they grow their list of deranged people and hold them up as role models.

We keep being bombarded with issues we should never be dealing with, like what to do with leaders who steal national assets, leaders who commit genocide, leaders who abuse their citizens and leaders who use the presidency of their countries to insult other nations.

We keep mocking people of other African countries because we have no better ideas to offer.

For example, I share as much of a disdain of Jacob Zuma as Julius Malema does but for different reasons. I never thought either Thabo Mbeki or Jacob Zuma were the right choices for a robust country like South Africa. But “…so let us go out and vote for the Zulu boy”, said Malema in endorsing Jacob Zuma for the presidency.

Only when it got personal did Malema try to “lower himself” to the level of the poor when he was himself worth millions and has pending legal issues over all this.

What pain does Malema know? What has he gone through in his political life except being used for incitement before being dumped?

Who is Malema to prescribe a leader for Africa? What idiocy is it to say Africa’s presidents should not be constrained to two-terms in office…but not in South Africa?

“I don’t care if a president in Africa goes for a third term or for the fourth term, but not in South Africa,” Malema said. “They can do it everywhere else if they want to do it… It won’t work here in South Africa. Here it is two terms and go home.”

Were I not Zimbabwean, I would laugh at such naked idiocy from a South African who really believes that South Africa is better than any other country in Africa, yet having someone like Julius Malema in any parliament is, in itself, an indication of stupidity.

In Africa, many countries, particularly South Africa and Botswana, are bogged down by millions of political and economic refugees running away from hard times and political violence in their countries.

Only a moron could shamelessly stand up and say: “”How do you say a man (Mugabe) who has won elections is a tyrant? He has never preceded (sic) over any massacre of our people; he continues to lead a party that advocates for very radical economic policies in Zimbabwe.”

Yes, Julius, Mugabe never ‘preceded’ over the massacre of any South Africans but he presided over a genocide in our country of Zimbabwe. Stupid rhetoric like what you and Mugabe spout everyday does not feed the people.

Zimbabwe is begging for food handouts and South Africa is importing maize this year.

Tell me, Julius, how old were you when Mugabe took power? How many Zimbabweans do you have in South Africa and why?

You are a one-man issue and Nkandla is not going to make you into anything. Politics has diversity and you are a square made up of only one line.

Stupidity like yours is none of our business; it is the responsibility of your next of kin and I hope they have the courage to come near you!

Meanwhile, the butcher of Zimbabwe went to Malema’s home country a few days ago to referee political turmoil in the nation of Lesotho where political opponents are murdered with no explanation at all…just like in Zimbabwe.

Mugabe is supposed to offer guidance to Lesotho on issues that he himself is the most prominent at ÔÇô killing political opponents. I am wondering if South Africa, which behaves like it is Africa’s boss, and SADC, which is a stinking useless group, want the Lesotho government to be taught how not to kill political opponents or how to do it without leaving traces.

Populist talk is very catchy because it touches at the very center of troubled hearts of those who need economic redemption.

Populist talk pays no homage to economics because economies do not bend rules. So we hear a lot of trash from rich people like Julius Malema, Winnie Mandela, Robert and Grace Mugabe yet we are all part of a global economic group that has to play according to rules. We cannot escape that so you see countries like Greece having problems yet Africa is full of countries that have gone the same path as Greece has…not because of poverty but by mismanagement.

In Zimbabwe, Robert Mugabe is all but done; there is no question about it as his attention spun has shrunk to the lowest possible. We see him asleep a few minutes after any meeting starts.

His wife, Grace, has taken it upon herself to prop up the old man; not for any reason other than to prolong the abuse of Zimbabweans and to continue milking the nation.

Last week, she addressed a gathering at which both Vice Presidents of Zimbabwe were in attendance.

She expressed satisfaction with the two Vice presidents, saying that, unlike former Vice president Joyce Mujuru whom she ousted last year, current vice presidents, Emmerson Mnangagwa and Phelekezela Mphoko “take notes each time they meet with me”.

“I have lost count of the times that I have sat down with them one-on-one to talk about the development of Zimbabwe,” she said.

Grace talking about the development of Zimbabwe? But who ruined Zimbabwe, in the first place?

The two Vice Presidents are seasoned and well-educated politicians and for them “taking down notes” as Grace Mugabe speaks is most embarrassing,more so to a lawyer like Mnangagwa.
If it is true, Viva Zimbabwe!

If it is not true, Viva Zimbabwe!

She is the wife of an African president and there is no apparent reason why she should not meddle in national affairs by virtue of taking off her pants for Mugabe, if she does that at all.

God have mercy!

“Now the ‘pillow d’├®tat’ is official,” said opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai’s spokesperson.“Grace is now in charge. When you have two VPs, pen and notebook in hand, daily taking notes and instructions not from the President, but from his wife, it means a de facto Head of State is now in charge.”

Tendai Biti’s Renewal Team spokesperson, Obert Gutu, weighed in and said: “It boggles the mind how and why she is bossing everyone around, including the two VPs. Being Robert Mugabe’s wife doesn’t qualify Grace Mugabe to be some kind of demi-god and de facto President of Zimbabwe.”
But they all do not understand.

Julius Malema said that Mugabe is the epitome of an African President.

Malema said that‘Africa should be governed by one leader, a leader like Mugabe…’

Have I said: ‘God have mercy!’ yet?


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